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JBT Avure acquires new technology for HPP meat applications


Meat production is on the rise globally. According to the Worldwatch Institute, meat production has tripled over the last four decades globally and increased 20% in just the last ten years. To help meet the greater demand for meat products, JBT Avure has recently acquired a new High Pressure Processing (HPP) meat technology that will benefit meat processors, retailers, and consumers worldwide.

JBT Avure’s new HPP technology for fresh ground meat retains the natural appearance and texture during the high-pressure process. JBT Avure’s VP of Food Science and Microbiology, Dr. Errol Raghubeer, said: “The benefits of this new technology are that meat companies, retailers, and consumers can take better advantage of the food safety benefits that HPP provides as a result of the more natural appearance and a doubling, tripling, or even quadrupling of shelf life.

JBT Avure

“In addition, given HPP’s proven track record of inactivating pathogens and spoilage bacteria, fresh ground meat producers using this technology will be able to have a viable lethality step (FSIS Directive 6120.2) for fresh ground meat.”

“HPP provides a more natural appearance and a doubling, tripling, or even quadrupling of shelf life,” Dr Errol Raghubeer, JBT Avure

Currently, this new technology is pending USDA approval in the United States. However, international opportunities exist prior to USDA approval, with favorable precedents already set in several countries. Fresh ground beef is the first application for this technology, which is slated to expand in the future to whole muscle beef, as well as to poultry and pork.

Meat companies were one of the first food categories to utilize HPP and reap its benefits of clean label, food safety, and shelf life extension. Once accepted by the regulatory authorities, this technology will be a win for all stakeholders. Meat processors who are worried about recalls due to SalmonellaE. coli, or Listeria can use HPP on ground beef and know that the food is safe. Retailers will also benefit from food safety and longer shelf life, which also lessens food waste.

Consumers will be able to keep ground beef in their refrigerator for much longer and potentially will not need to freeze it. When they are ready to use it, they can prepare and cook the ground beef to rarer temperatures with minimal risk of getting sick or cross-contaminating other food.

JBT Avure’s President, Ryan Pereira, said: “With JBT Avure’s new HPP technology, in addition to reaping the benefits of natural appearance and significant shelf life extension, meat companies can now mitigate threats to their brand via food safety recalls because HPP effectively reduces the chance of such recalls, which have been occurring more and more frequently. Processors will no longer have to rely on the consumer to apply the final step to eliminate potential pathogens by cooking the meat.”

This article was originally published in JBT Avure’s Bon Appetit Newsletter

JBT’s Tipper Tie product introductions deliver savings and efficiency


Keeping maintenance work and costs to a minimum – and therefore avoiding processing downtime whenever possible – is a key aim of most meat processors, but for many it is often unavoidable. However, the introduction of a range of new and improved solutions from JBT TIPPER TIE, a global supplier of processing and clip packaging machines, is helping achieve what was previously thought unattainable – a dramatic lowering of maintenance costs thanks to design that focuses on automatic and technical innovations.

As Jörg Nold, Tipper Tie’s Director of Sales for EMEA and APAC explains, a series of solutions introduced by the Germany-based company over the past two years are delivering tangible savings and efficiency – in terms of both money and time. TIPPER TIE equipment helps to lower maintenance and spare part costs, primarily as a result of Tipper Tie’s innovative design work.

Improved solutions
One of the most recent such examples is Tipper Tie’s SVU6800 Automatic Clipper, which has been specially developed for big diameters and slicing products. The system, which was previewed as a prototype at the recent IFFA 2019 trade exhibition in Frankfurt, Germany and is due for commercial release by the end of 2019, features a number of technical improvements. But at its core it retains the SV line’s reputation for power, speed and versatility, being able to provide clipping for all kinds of sausage at speeds of up to 65 portions per minute.


Tipper Tie’s SwiStick hanging system

Hygiene focus
Another such improvement has been to TIPPER TIE’s SwiStick Hanging System for hung products, which has been partially redesigned to remove the need for direct human contact, thus further minimizing the threat of bacterial contamination. The system fully automates the hanging and clipping of sausages at speeds of up to 100 loops per minute.

“We are seeing a much bigger demand for automatic hanging lines on the market because the automation means workers don’t need to come into direct contact with the meat,” says Nold. 

“You don’t need to handle the sausages to place the loops on a smoke stick, string the loops, or cut the sausages, which means processors can avoid outside bacterial contamination.”

An extra plus is less physical stress for the workers, continues Nold. As well as improving hygiene, and ergonomics, the system can deliver significant cost savings, with only a single operator required to oversee a line, and productivity increases of up to 25% by improving the utilization of the smoke stick, and therefore the racking, smokehouse, or drying rooms. “This is a huge savings and productivity increase,” Hold adds.

Technological innovations
Similarly, the TC4357, which replaces the TC4356, is a new model of TIPPER TIE’s successful Automatic Single Clipper for stuffing raw and scalded sausage, sectioned and formed products, cooked ham and pressed meat into fiber or artificial casings. In this case, the new design features a complete new touch-screen and upgraded electrical components, including a microprocessor that controls the drive and an electronic memory, enabling structured product recipe creation for quick change overs and repeatable results every time.

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DSI debuts solutions for tough pork processing

Raw Pork Rib Meat on Wooden Cutting Board

Pork ribs and other similar meat products can be notoriously difficult to cut even with the 4000 bar waterjet technology – now used worldwide for trimming and portioning poultry, pork bellies, ham slices and red meat – that DSI (now part of JBT) pioneered over 30 years ago. However, the recently-introduced DSI 6000-bar waterjet system now offers processors a means of achieving superior cutting performance on tougher food products.

The higher-pressure system, which can lead to significant labor savings and improved product quality, allows automated processing to reach new applications, and is just one of the new solutions that JBT has introduced for pork processors.

The DSI system for pork rib application is another recent addition to the JBT portfolio, which allows processors to automate the typically labor-intensive process of splitting full pork racks. DSI Q-LINK Portioning Software enables the use to cut between ribs to create retail packs at belt speeds of 9-12 meters per minute. The software also allows the processor to fill orders then switch to the next product code, or it can help optimise yields by using downstream DSI scanning and sorting solutions.

Space savings
DSI has made further improvements to its waterjet systems with the DSI 800 S, an expandable, modular portioning solution, which features enhanced ventilation and jet capture to reduce mist and noise generated by the waterjet cutting process. The system, which is available in two, four, six or eight cutters to allow for production expansion, includes enhanced cutter assembly for higher performance and longer service life, while reducing maintenance downtime.

However, perhaps one of its greatest advantages is in terms of maximizing capacity. The DSI 800 S is the narrowest waterjet system yet available, delivering 30% higher production capacity per unit of floor space – an important factor for crowded production facilities. 

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Newest members of JBT family to feature at TecnoCarne 2019


JBT will be showcasing the technological solutions offered by the company’s most recent recruits at the upcoming TecnoCarne 2019 trade exhibition, which takes place in São Paulo, Brazil from August 6-8. The largest show of its kind for the animal processing industry in Latin America, TecnoCarne focuses on new technologies for protein processors and is expected to draw visitors from across the continent.

JBT will use its presence at the event to highlight some of the newest additions to the JBT family, including machinery from Prime Equipment Group which operates a unit in Brazil, showcasing the company’s turnkey primary and water re-use solutions for the poultry industry.


The JBT stand will also feature an equipment from JBT CAT – the specialist in weighing and monitoring systems, among a range of other solutions – plus consumables from Tipper Tie and sample High Processing Processing (HPP) baskets from JBT Avure.

JBT Brazil Marketing Analyst Bruno Valetta says JBT will also use the occasion to detail the benefits of choosing Frigoscandia and other freezing solutions for Brazilian meat processors.

“Brazil is one of biggest meat processors in the world, but the challenge is always to open new markets,” says Valetta. “JBT always tries to offer the most innovative solutions available to support companies looking to export their products overseas.”

Request an appointment at the JBT stand at TecnoCarne

XVision: cost-effective x-ray technology makes European debut


JBT’S innovative XVision™ system, whose unique modular design has helped make x-ray technology more affordable for food processors, is now available for the first time to customers in Europe, North Africa and the Middle East after finalising EU CE certification. The technology, which has already achieved considerable success in the US where over 250 units have been sold, has been installed in JBT’s Helsingborg, Sweden Research & Technology Center where customers can view the system in an active production environment.

XVision’s European debut the recent launch of a new version of the machine, XVision CE Pack, earlier this year for wet foods, amid growing interest across the international food and beverage processing industries in the multiple applications of x-ray technology and it’s ability to safeguard against costly recalls or even lawsuits.

XVision CE Pack with Guard_testing

JBT’s newly-launched XVision CE Pack during testing

Key advantages
Dino Carbone, Division Product Manager for JBT XVision, says Low Cost of Ownership as a result of the innovative modular design is one of the advantages offered by the system. “Customers are able to replace key components of the machine, so there’s no need for expensive technical support,” he says. “It’s completely plug-in and go.”

However, cost is far from XVision’s only advantage. The system, continues Carbone, delivers excellent detection performance being capable of identifying stainless steel – the most common metal contaminant found in production facilities – with three times more accuracy than standard metal detectors. 

Crucially, XVision is also simple to operate, with the emphasis on making it as straightforward to use as possible. “We’ve really taken a lot of the complexity out of the operation,” says Carbone. “Once the machine is trained, it’s less likely the end user will have problems with the settings.”


Reputation protection
XVision is capable of identifying metals, stones, calcified bone, glass and other contaminants across a wide range of products from bagged and pouched foods through to ready meals, protein bars, candies, nutraceuticals, and fruits and vegetables. The system can also be used to carry out process quality checks by accurately measuring the weight of objects and filled pouches to within 2-3% of the optimum fill level.

“We are seeing an increasing level of interest from customers in XVision because of both it’s versatility as a technology and it’s ability to protect brands against recalls or even lawsuits, which can be very costly and damaging to reputations,” adds Carbone. 

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JBT showcases solutions for the future


At the IFFA 2019 international trade fair in Frankfurt, Germany, the JBT team (pictured above) introduced smart and innovative solutions covering the food processing chain and adding value through yield, flexibility, automation, high-hygiene, food safety, clean label and consistent end-product quality. 

Together with customers, JBT is reshaping the food processing landscape of tomorrow by designing innovative solutions setting the standard for the food industries growing expectations, needs and demands.

Among the solutions highlighted at the show was the world-renowned range of Frigoscandia® freezing systems, which continue to be a flagship brand for JBT, with the latest model the GYRoCOMPACT® 40 Spiral Freezer showcased during the fair. The Spiral Freezer is a more compact version with even more hygiene benefits and new freezing technology with the highest capacity of any comparable system.

Volume and accuracy
At IFFA 2019, JBT also had the pleasure of demonstrating the capabilities of the DSI® 800 Series Waterjet Portioning System. An automated solution for portioning and trimming, the DSI Portioner has proven to consistently improve product yield and increase productivity. Built for high volume portions, the portioner functions as a precision machine for high accuracy intense cuts. 


JBT_iffa3Processing Power
During the show, JBT’s TIPPER TIE invited visitors to experience live demonstrations of their impressive clipping and packaging solutions. One of the highlights was the worldwide debut of the new SVU6800 high speed automatic double clipper designed for large products such as pumpable ham, large slicing logs and whole muscle loins. It delivers consistent length every time thanks to the strong voider even with sensitive casings. 

JBT’s meat marination specialist Schröder showcased the full scope of cutting-edge equipment for meat marination and preparation, focused around hygienic design, easier handling and less operational amounts of brine. 

On Trend
Meanwhile JBT Avure demonstrated their compelling High Pressure Processing (HPP) technology. With more than 60 years of experience and expertise in HPP science and manufacturing, Avure specializes in HPP systems for food and beverage processing with the fastest and most reliable systems in the industry. Avure helps producers implement HPP from recipe development and process validations to installation, regulatory affairs, and post-installation support.


Other products exhibited from JBT’s portfolio included the Formcook® 618 Contact Cooker for efficient sealing and searing of products and the XVision™ CCPX Pack, an industry leading technology of X-ray Inspection Systems for contaminant detection in ready meals, and heat and eat products that is making its European debut.

JBT offers customized solutions to food processors at every stage of the production process, including portioning, injection, marination, coating, frying, cooking, freezing, chilling & proofing, inspection, clipping & packaging and high pressure processing ensuring the final product is delivered as requested.

JBT acquires poultry solutions provider Prime Equipment Group

JBT Corporation announced it has purchased Prime Equipment Group Inc., for $65 million. Prime Equipment is a manufacturer of turnkey primary and water re-use solutions to the poultry industry, headquartered in Columbus, Ohio.

“The acquisition of Prime advances our goal of becoming the preferred provider of full-line solutions for poultry customers with the addition of Prime’s primary processing capabilities,” said JBT Chairman, President, and Chief Executive Officer Tom Giacomini.

“Prime’s latest technologies address pressing needs in the poultry industry in the areas of automation and water re-use which will further strengthen our customer relationships,” said JBT Executive Vice President and President, Protein Paul Sternlieb. “Prime’s revenue is primarily concentrated in the U.S., and we look forward to leveraging JBT’s global reach to accelerate the deployment of the automation and water technology for growth outside the U.S.”

JBT has also announced completion of the previously announced acquisition of Proseal UK, a provider of tray sealing technology for the food industry, for about $280 million.

Learn more about Prime Equipment


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