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XVision: the art of pinpointing contaminants


Contaminants in processed meat products – whether they be metal filings, pieces of glass or even simple chunks of bone – are not only upsetting to end consumers, they can also lead to costly product recalls and even risk ruining reputations.

Ensuring – as far as possible – that such situations do not arise at busy processing facilities has been a key objective behind the creation, and subsequent success, of XVision, an ingenious JBT system that helps overcome many of the common pitfalls associated with scanning for contaminants.

Dino Carbone, Division Product Manager – JBT XVision, explains that the system is typically used for raw and packaged protein products, including raw incoming poultry, ground meat, hotdog sausages, tray products, ready-to-eat products, pork, and bacon, among many others.

“XVision looks for contaminants introduced during the production process, as well as bone,” he says. “Typical contaminants include basic metals – stainless steel, ferrous and non-ferrous metals – but x-rays can also detect glass, bone, and dense rubbers that you see in many types of steels and gasketing.”


High sensitivity
JBT counts one of the largest food production companies in the world among its XVision customers; a company which uses some 20 XVision machines to inspect meat at its ground beef plant. XVision is also used by many leading processors in the pork sector for ham, bacon and raw pork products, while the system is gaining increasing traction in the poultry sector, scanning raw bulk poultry for bone as well as contaminants.

“One of the advantages of our machine is it can look for bone and contaminants at the same high sensitivity,” says Carbone. “Whereas most other machines lose their sensitivity to other contaminants if they are looking for bone, our machine can be tuned for both, and do both equally well.”

Another feature that has proven popular among customers is XVision’s ease-of-maintenance, even in challenging conditions. “What our customers really like about our equipment is our internal modules and their plug-and-play design, which allows local personnel to keep the unit maintained in a very cost-effective way,” continues Carbone. “They also like the fact that the machine has been designed to operate in a wet production environment. Not many machines can survive in wet production, high pressure conditions, but our machine can.”

Already available in North America, XVision will be launching in Europe and Asia in late 2018-early 2019. 

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PRoCARE: the benefits of preventative maintenance

PRoCARE® is perhaps one of the most innovative and certainly among the most valued services that JBT offers. An aftermarket initiative that has been running for over a decade, PRoCARE has been developed to help make sure JBT systems and equipment are kept in optimum conditions and any downtime – in the form of costly system failures – are kept to a minimum.

“What we do is offer the customer piece of mind by taking care of the equipment we manufacture,” explains JBT Customer Care Manager Elizabeth Monasterio. “We go to the customer’s site and inspect the equipment, they receive an inspection protocol and also a service report on the visit with written recommendations. Based on that the customer may or may not have to do some repairs and we follow up to make sure they do what needs to be done.”


Visits can vary from twice to four times a year, but in the case of the most sophisticated equipment, JBT technicians visit every month for four days on average, checking the equipment, calibrating and changing any parts that need attention.

Covering across JBT’s protein portfolio, JBT PRoCARE works with customers from bakery and pizza producers to manufacturers of ready meals and chicken, meat, fish and frozen vegetable processors offering a flexible program dependent on customer needs.

“We make PRoCARE flexible to customers’ needs,” says Monasterio. “On Gyrocompact freezers, we offer an Extended prorated warranty on the belt, chains and rails.  Level One offers inspections and a minimum eight hours training a year, while Level Two includes spare parts, typically in the form of a yearly package with parts stored on site. As well as a discount on original spare parts, PRoCARE also offers a discounted rate for customers for emergency service repairs.”


However, one of the most important services JBT PRoCARE provides is preventative maintenance, which allows customers to control costs by taking care of equipment before it is damaged. “When equipment goes down in a plant, it’s the worst thing that can happen because you start losing production,” says Monasterio. “Preventative maintenance removes the risks of things like that happening and having to call for an emergency service, which normally involves rushing a technician out to a customer, often from an installation.”

“What customers have told us many times is it ensures a good night’s sleep,” she adds.


European success story set for North American debut

A design conceived in Europe and finalized in the US that combines the best elements of JBT’s existing oven range with advances in capacity and efficiency will be launched in the North American market later this year, following a successful roll-out in Europe and Asia. JBT’s Stein TwinDrum Spiral Oven builds on the successes of the established GYRoCOMPACT oven, but adds efficient two-zone spiral cooking for high capacity applications providing uniform temperature and excellent roasting capabilities.

Consistent performance and maximum throughput have long been the watchwords of JBT’s cooking range, according to JBT’s Division Product Manager for Cooking, David Harrison, who explains that the TwinDrum will complement existing products and systems. 

JBT Stein TwinDrum Oven

JBT’s cooking portfolio can be split into two categories – linear ovens for high velocity impingement style cooking; and high capacity, forced air convection spiral ovens. 

Primarily sold in North America, the Stein JSO-C and JSO-III/IV Jet Stream Ovens use thermal fluid, indirect gas, and open flame heating with precise humidity control for both coated and roasted products.

TwinDrum launch
The newest addition to the cooking range is the Stein TwinDrum Spiral Oven; a system that is set to build on the achievements of the Stein GCO II GYRoCOMPACT, the highest volume spiral oven in the market. The GCO-II uses the innovative self-stacking FRIGoBELT conveyor system and can be used for products including poultry (wings, breast, breaded, pan-fried, nuggets, patties); and pork and beef (patties and links).


The Stein TwinDrum Spiral Oven adds to the innovations of the GYRoCOMPACT by incorporating two-zone spiral cooking with an architecture that uniquely distributes the air flow to the food items on the belt for providing uniform and consistent treatment  with respect to airspeeds, temperatures and humidity across all tiers. The specific operating parameters can be independently controlled for each zone to suit a desired application. 

Incorporating experience from Stein, Double D, and Frigoscandia, the design was developed in Sweden and completed in the US. The TwinDrum will move from a 600mm capacity for its initial launch in Europe and Asia to 1000mm for primarily North America to enable handling of greater product volumes.

“The TwinDrum was launched from Sweden and has hit the ground running,” adds Harrison. “25 units have already been sold in Asia and Europe, and following that success we are rolling it out in the North American market with much larger capacity demands”

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Wolf-tec: bringing temperature innovation to JBT


26708791 - meat appetizer

JBT Wolf-tec is one of the true innovators in the JBT family of companies. The company, which is probably best known for the Polar Technology brand, revolutionized deli and cured meats through the development of its own, patented Temperature Guidance system, which has helped processors deliver products with exactly the right color, flavor, texture, yield and temperature that customers demand. But more than this, Wolf-tec continues to be an innovator in ensuring product flavors remain intact despite any cooking failings a consumer might have.

Highly efficient
The Kingston, New York-based business joined JBT in 2014 after close to four decades producing quality-constructed and precision-engineered solutions for the meat, poultry and fish industries. As division product manager Chris Mason explains, Wolf-tec provides system solutions covering everything from whole muscle processing to standalone machines for brine mixing, injection, maceration, massaging.

“We marinate meat and poultry products to add yield, flavor and tenderness, using injection or massaging technology. In addition, we create high quality deli and cured meats using our whole muscle processing systems incorporating brine injection, maceration and massaging,” he says. 

Wolf-tec works closely with the deli meat industry, providing massaging, brine mixing and injection, and maceration systems to producers of ham, chicken and turkey deli meats with anything from simple, standalone machines to fully-automated solutions, both of which are highly efficient in terms of both time and yield.

JBT Wolf-tec PolarVision

Patented innovations
Temperature Guidance is Wolf-tec’s patented, signature system, which is used to add warmth to products during the early part of the massaging cycle. This, says Mason, helps delay protein extraction and enhance the water holding capacity of the product. It also helps accelerate color development of cured meats.

The system then reduces product temperature towards the end of the cycle. This is where JBT Wolf-tec extracts protein and facilitates water binding in order to deliver products in the correct conditions for customer needs. “This is a pretty unique system and where it really scores is that a traditional ham operation would generally need 24-48 hours in a cooler for that color development to take place; in this case, we’re accelerating that whole process, so customers can go direct to the next stage,” says Mason.

Polar Technology is another Wolf-tec brand, which has made a profound impact on the meat processing industry. Developed as the Polar Massager in 1997 when the company was a small, family-owned business, Mason says the system revolutionized the industry by putting an emphasis on temperature management. Although created for a single product, the name stuck and has since been expanded across a range, which now includes the Polar Dissolver brine mixing systems, the Polar Massager and the Polar Flexcarve Macerator. In fact, Mason says many customers now simply refer to the products as ‘Polars’.

JBT Wolf-tec Polar Massager.jpg

Quality assistance
Wolf-tec’s injection and marination systems are used by a wide range of customers including meat factories injecting beef steaks for foodservice and others adding flavor or moisture to chicken products for retail. “A lot of the chicken you buy in store is already injected with a brine solution that helps to extend shelf life and add moisture to the product,” explains Mason. “Typically, a lot of people don’t know how to cook these days, so thermal abuse of products is something we are trying to avoid by adding moisture into the product. This means that by the time it’s cooked, it’s still a moist, tender and flavorful piece of meat.”

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TIPPER TIE brings innovation at affordable price to AAMP 2018

, part of the JBT family of companies, will use the forum of the upcoming AAMP 2018 Convention in Kansas City to highlight one of its latest innovations, the SVF1800, a system which delivers industrial-level meat processing performance at an affordable price. A cost-effective automatic double clipper that produces products with clean sausage tails, the SVF1800 uses cutting-edge, spreading voider technology to eliminate residue and is also suitable for larger caliber products.

The system forms part of a range of products designed to meet the needs of smaller meat processors, which TIPPER TIE will be showcasing at AAMP 2018, which takes place at the Sheraton Kansas City Hotel at Crown Center from July 19-21.

JBT SVF1800_small

Conrad Faust, TIPPER TIE’s Director of Product Management, says the event is particularly important because – unlike most shows – it provides an opportunity to showcase products and equipment directly to smaller meat processors rather than being concentrated on bigger players.

“Especially with TIPPER TIE’s product line, we have a very strong position with our TECHNOPACK line of KDCR machines for butcher shops,” he explains. “These are really tailor-made for smaller-volume, high mix production.”

Of particular significance, Faure continues, is the SVF1800, which he says will help level the playing field for smaller processors with their bigger competitors by delivering professional, high volume production at a reasonable price.

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