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JBT iOPS helps Öresundschark boost capacity and production hours


Utilizing production capacity to its maximum and avoiding unplanned downtime is essential for any protein producer, and having the tools in place to make this happen can bring both piece of mind and help increase profits. This was certainly the case for Swedish meatball producer Öresundschark AB, which has recorded benefits for its business from opting for JBT’s innovative Industrial Internet of Things performance optimization platform, iOPS®.

Öresundschark AB connected their Frigoscandia freezer to iOPS two years ago and since then their capacity utilization has increased significantly and made life a lot easier for Production and Maintenance Manager Johan Rulander. By having machinery connected, Rulander has been able to monitor and detect worn parts or potential issues before they become problems, enabling him to improve the overall efficiency of his operations and avoid unplanned downtime. 

20201125_105241_Johan Rulander_Oresundschark

Öresundschark’s Johan Rulander with the JBT iOPS platform

Furthermore, Rulander can now quickly trouble-shoot and easily provide remote support to his production team when needed, by having machine and system data in real-time through an app on his mobile phone. “I can quickly identify the issue by checking the alarms and give advice how to fix it without having to drop what I’m doing and rush down to production to solve the issue personally,” he says. “This gives both me and the team piece of mind, and they are not as reluctant to call me and ask when issues arises and I’m reassured production will run smoothly without my presence.” 

New methods
JBT iOPS® has led to a completely new way of planning production and machine maintenance through predictive data for Öresundschark, according to Rulander, who regularly consults the live data feed on his phone. “I check how the machine has been running on the late shifts and I can see cleaning stops and estimate drying time to know when I can start-up production again in the morning,” he explains. 

iOPS allows for connected equipment and operation monitoring, providing food manufacturers with new and unique possibilities to ensure sustainable and profitable growth through insights and proactive actions that would not have been possible to achieve in a profitable way before.

“I keep an eye on the air temperatures inside the freezer, and if they are running high for a longer period, we plan for extra defrost programs to maximize running time,” continues Rulander. “Over time, the freezing belt wears and overstretches and with inductive sensors I can monitor this and plan maintenance stops when I want them, and adjust it in good time before issues arise.”


Every food processing company knows that the key to a successful and profitable business is to keep production running without disruption. Every extra hour of production equals profit and money in the pocket.

“We run at a high pace and during certain periods we produce seven days a week, so at these times there is no room for downtime,” says Rulander. “Timely maintenance and proactively replacing parts before they break plays a major role in minimizing downtime and saving money.” 

About Öresundschark
Öresundschark AB has been a high valued partner of JBT since moving to Malmö, Sweden in 1999. A local family-owned business founded in 1997, Öresundschark’s high quality products have been awarded with the EU Ecolabel, a mark of environmental excellence. They produce a wide range of meat patties, chicken- and meatballs and supply the largest convenience retailers all over the region. Around 30 employees work at Öresundschark AB and their production plant generates 5,000 tons of fried, frozen and chilled products every year, all of which are processed using JBT equipment. 

Öresundschark is aiming to expand its product portfolio to also include vegetarian alternatives and to ramp up productivity to reach a yearly production of 8,000 tons. “JBT ́s iOPS will help us achieve these targets faster by enabling us to run our production longer and more efficiently,” adds Rulander. 

For more information about Öresundschark AB, visit: 

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JBT PRoCARE: how preventative maintenance can play a vital role during the pandemic

For many companies in the protein processing industry, the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic took them into unchartered territory, with increased employee absences and localized outbreaks causing havoc for processors large and small. Here, having effective support in place to avoid unexpected downtime is of crucial importance and this is where JBT’s innovative preventative maintenance PRoCARE® program has been playing a vital role.

Unlike traditional maintenance, where problems are dealt with as they arise, the focus of the JBT PRoCARE program is on anticipating issues before they become problems by applying proactive system management that helps customers stay within budget and avoid downtime. By employing proactive, preventive maintenance, JBT PRoCARE technicians help prevent breakdowns by replacing worn parts and providing an overall picture of how equipment is performing.

Additional support
However, recognizing the pressure customers currently face, JBT has taken a number of steps to lend support, including via a dedicated customer careline, as well expanding PRoCARE payment options, explains Brendon Somerfield, Head of PRoCARE and Customer Care in North America for JBT Protein.

“Everybody is struggling with cashflow in these times, so at the onset of the outbreak, JBT ran a promotional program which enabled customers to delay their first PRoCARE payment by about four months,” he says. “They could still get the preventative maintenance service that they need but don’t have to worry about payment for several months. This was one of the ways we were helping customers financially.” Additionally, given the pressure some companies find themselves under as a result of the pandemic, JBT has expanded parts discounts and free virtual support.

Dedicated hotline
Further support is being provided in North America through a new, dedicated Customer Care Hotline that provides customers with access to JBT’s best-in-class service technicians: 1-866-JBT-4YOU (1-866-528-4968).

Remote support in the moment of need, the hotline puts customers in contact with service technicians familiar with JBT equipment and machines, and serves as a single, easy-to-remember source for customer care. For JBT PRoCARE customers, additional support comes in form of unlimited access to the hotline.

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JBT Formcook: boosting yield for protein processors

JBT Formcook is one of the undoubted pioneers of contact cooking, the innovative method for sealing moisture into protein products by employing teflon belts, which can improve both yield and flavor. However, in spite of the challenging situation caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, Formcook is continuing to help new and established customers start up new cooking lines, thanks to JBT’s effective remote support options.

Originally established in Helsingborg, Sweden in 1989, Formcook became part of JBT in 2014, by which time the company had gained a strong reputation as an innovator in contact cooking. In fact, the original concept was developed and adapted by Formcook founder, Winje Green, during a visit to the US in the company’s early years in the process becoming the first oven manufacturer to use a moving teflon belt for cooking.


Significant advantages
Lars Håkansson, JBT’s Sweden-based Regional Application Manager for Formcook explains that the use of a teflon belt gives Formcook’s two models – the Contact Cooker and the Combi Cooker – significant advantages over other belt-based cooking systems. “The system functions much life a teflon pan at home by bringing together a teflon belt over a heating plate, and as a result the products don’t stick,” he says. “You can put egg on it and lift it off very easily. Compared with a mesh belt, the product doesn’t stick.”

The Formcook teflon system is principally used to set the surface of protein products such as chicken fillets to prevent moisture or yield loss when they move on to a main oven. “After the contact cooking, we run the chicken fillet into an oven and it will not stick to the surface because we have closed the top and bottom surfaces,” explains Håkansson.


“That makes it first of all more juicy because you have a closed surface so moisture is kept inside. Also, by not sticking to the belt, you achieve a higher yield because normally if you put a raw product on a wire belt, 2-3% of the product will stay on the belt.”

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A&B Process Systems receives safety award from ConstructSecure

JBT’s A&B Process Systems has been recognized by ConstructSecure as one of their Safest Contractors & Vendors. A&B received the Platinum Safety Award for scoring greater than 95% in the safety assessment administered by ConstructSecure.

The award from ConstructSecure, a global SaaS company that prequalifies contractors and vendors for corporations that have stringent safety requirements, is based on an assessment of current safety management systems and incident rates.   

“Our associates really get it and are on board with our culture of safety,” said Bill Thompson, A&B’s HSE Manager. “Our associates continue to go the extra mile in their daily work to help prevent safety incidents and this award is a testament to their dedication to safety.


“Our team members do a great job of preventing incidents from occurring.  If they see a potential risk, they report it as a near miss right away and it is addressed immediately. We truly appreciate everyone’s dedication to being as safe as possible.”

Scott Raether, Director of Operations for A&B, added: “We have an incredible group of dedicated employees who believe that zero injuries are expected. We pay attention to little details and truly look out for each other. Awards are terrific, but what’s more rewarding is the knowledge that our employees are acting safely and contribute to a safe place to work.”

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JBT Protein North America launches Customer Care Hotline


JBT Protein North America is excited to announce the establishment of a dedicated hotline to provide customers direct access to JBT’s best-in-class service technicians: 1-800-JBT-4YOU. The single, easy-to-remember number will act as a single source for customer care and direct access to service technicians familiar with JBT equipment and machines, providing direct, remote support in the moment of need.

In January, JBT announced JBT Protein North America’s enhanced customer-first mindset, which elevates our customer care model to put customers at the center of every project — from installation to preventative maintenance. The first initiative in this enhanced model was creating centralized teams and having detailed conversations with our customers.


“In these conversations, JBT asked how we can best support customers and be a partner to help maximize uptime,” says Augusto Rizzolo, VP Customer Care for JBT Protein North America. “Customers told us they need service and support to be easy – one place to go where they know they can reach the right person to help with their operations, and they need a response quickly. 1-800-JBT-4YOU is our answer to all of customer care questions.”


“When the COVID-19 pandemic struck and onsite service was impacted, we had the opportunity to test this centralized hotline to better support our customers,” continues Rizzolo. “The feedback has been extremely positive, and we are excited that this will be an ongoing service for all customers with an easy-to-remember number: 1-800-JBT-4YOU.”

At JBT, we work hard to earn customer trust and loyalty by providing the products, service and support needed to keep businesses running smoothly. As always, we want to know if there’s anything we can do to help, so be sure to call us – 1-800-JBT-4YOU. 

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