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JBT va présenter ses solutions au CFIA 2019

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Les possibilités offertes par JBT en matière de friture, de cuisson et de congélation couvrant une large gamme de solutions pour les entreprises de transformation alimentaire seront présentées lors de la prochaine édition 2019 du CFIA, le salon annuel des technologies alimentaires qui se tiendra à Rennes, en France, du 12 au 14 mars prochain.

S’adressant principalement aux entreprises de France et de Belgique francophone, le CFIA 2019 offrira à JBT l’occasion de mettre en valeur ses solutions complètes pour les boulangers et les transformateurs, du Frigoscandia GyroCompact aux friteuses Stein, en passant par les fours DoubleD et les fours de cuisson par contact Formcook. Les représentants sur le stand de JBT mettront également l’accent sur le four à spirale Stein TwinDrum 600 récemment lancé, qui a reçu un accueil très positif en France, selon Torbjörn Persson, directeur de la chaîne de valeur et de la gamme de produits mondiale de JBT, congélateurs à spirale.

« Nous avons connu un certain succès en France ces derniers temps, en particulier en matière de fours, avec le nouveau four TwinDrum », explique M. Persson. « Il donne d’excellents résultats en matière de cuisson uniforme, en produisant des produits de couleur uniforme. »

Le CFIA attire les entreprises de toute la France et des pays voisins, et met en avant des solutions pour les producteurs de produits alimentaires français dans un cadre compact. « Le CFIA est un marché important pour rencontrer nos clients en France et pour montrer les possibilités que JBT offre », ajoute M. Persson.

JBT sera présent au salon CFIA 2019 dans le hall 7, stand B5, au Parc Expo Rennes Airport, France du 12 au 14 mars.

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JBT to showcase capabilities at CFIA 2019

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JBT’s frying, cooking and freezing capabilities covering a wide range solutions for food processing companies will be showcased at the upcoming 2019 edition of CFIA, the annual food technology show which takes place in Rennes, France, this year from March 12-14.

Primarily catering to companies in France and French-speaking Belgium, CFIA 2019 will provide JBT with an opportunity to highlight its complete solutions for bakers and processors, from the Frigoscandia GyroCompact to Stein fryers, DoubleD ovens and Formcook contact cookers. Representatives at the JBT stand will also place special focus on the recently-introduced Stein TwinDrum 600 Spiral Oven, which has received a very positive response in France, according to Torbjörn Persson, JBT’s Director of Value Stream & Global Product Line, Spiral Freezers.


The JBT Stein TwinDrum oven

“We’ve some recent success in France, especially on the oven side with the new TwinDrum oven,” says Persson. “It’s very good at even cooking, producing uniform coloured products.”

Attracting companies large and small from across France and neighbouring countries, CFIA highlights solutions for French food producers in a compact setting. “CFIA is an important marketplace for meeting with our customers in France and showing the capabilities of what JBT has to offer,” Persson adds.

JBT will be exhibiting at CFIA 2019 in Hall 7, Stand B5 at the Parc Expo Rennes Airport, France from March 12-14.

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JBT innovations on show at IPPE 2019

JBT is highlighting innovative solutions for both raw and further processing at this week’s IPPE 2019 exhibition, which takes place at Atlanta’s Georgia World Congress Center until February 14. Incorporating new technologies, the systems offer cutting-edge solutions – from waterjet portioning to flexible X-ray units – that enable companies to maximize efficiency, hygiene and throughput.

The latest addition to JBT’s portfolio of portioning equipment, the DSI 800 S Portioning System with Robotic Harvesting enhances the proven DSI 800 series by delivering higher throughput with lower maintenance and operating costs than competing alternatives. The DSI 800 S delivers high throughput waterjet portioning for a wide range of foods, including trimming and portioning of premium red meat steaks, poultry pork bellies, fish and selected baked products.


JBT will also be highlighting the XVision Flexscan, a completely new flexible technology platform for contaminant detection in wet or dry production environments. It will allow customers to achieve tailored levels of performance to meet ever changing and more complex detection criteria. With the ability to quickly update detection technology, customers will have the ability to become more efficient, bring in new business and seamlessly adjust to new regulations.

Among other JBT solutions, visitors to the booth can learn about clean-technology High Pressure Processing (HPP) from JBT Avure, chilling and weighing systems from JBT CAT, and JBT’s consistency in providing effective options for coating and frying. Meeting customers’ IoT needs is another JBT priority, and visitors to the booth will be able to see how the iOPS system can help your organization take the first step in the digital transformation journey.

JBT exhibits at IPPE 2019 at Booths 5035 and 5235, Hall B at the Georgia World Congress Center, Atlanta, Georgia until February 14.

A JBT Tech Talk, ‘Smart IoT Made Simpler’, takes place at 3.10 PM on February 13 at Booth B8725.

New products take centerstage for JBT at IPPE 2019

JBT will be bringing one its largest ever presences to this year’s International Production & Processing Expo (IPPE), with two large scale booths and a range of solutions developed for the needs of companies in the poultry and meat industries. Featuring two adjacent 5,000 sq ft booths, JBT’s participation in the 2019 edition of the show, which takes place from February 12-14 in the Georgia World Congress Center, Atlanta, Georgia, will also be notable for several exciting new product introductions for cooking, chilling and portioning.

An important event not just in the US, but globally, JBT’s Marketing Communications Manager Toni Fant says IPPE functions not just as a gathering place for the industry, but also an important forum for setting the agenda for the year ahead.

“The IPPE is important because it’s a key protein show globally which highlights the world’s largest annual display of equipment and technology used in protein processing,” she says. “IPPE gives us an opportunity to interface with the marketplace, roll-out new product launches and set the tone for the year. It also provides another touchpoint to interact with existing customers, as well as many other industry decision makers and influencers, while also serving as a type of “barometer” of the economy and the industry.”


Product innovations
For JBT in particular, Fant says the company will highlight an expanded portfolio for the raw and further processing segments, including portioning, weighing, marination, chilling, freezing, coating, frying, cooking, xray inspection, clipping and packaging, and high pressure processing equipment.

JBT will particularly focus on its innovative new product introductions. Chief among these will be the official launch of the Stein® TwinDrum™ 1000 Spiral Oven, which follows the successful introduction of the Stein TwinDrum 600 Spiral Oven in Europe and Asia. Designed for the greater production volumes in North America, the Stein TwinDrum 1000 Oven offers efficient two-zone spiral cooking with uniform temperature and excellent roasting capabilities.

The DSI™ 800 S Waterjet Portioner with Robotic Harvesting will also be a featured product at the show. The DSI 800 S Portioning Systems provide the industry’s highest throughput and most compact waterjet portioning system, The system reduces labor and increases yield via automated portioning and trimming.

During the event, JBT will host a presentation in the TechTalks Showcase on iOPS (Intelligent Operations) delivered by Matthew Jin, JBT’s IoT (Internet of Things) Program Manager.

“Once a device is connected, we can collect data  and convert it into actionable insights,” explains Jin. “Through decades of industry know-how and expertise,  we can analyze and detect issues before it becomes a bigger problem.   With real-time notification and smart reporting, iOPS empowers our customers to drive success.  In the end, everyone’s a winner when we let data do the talking.”

JBT will exhibit at IPPE 2019 at Booths 5035 and 5235, Hall B at the Georgia World Congress Center, Atlanta, Georgia from February 12-14.

Matthew Jin’s Tech Talk, ‘Smart IoT Made Simpler’, will take place at 3.10 PM on February 13 at Booth B8725.

JBT Asia Technical Seminar to highlight smarter technology

Delivering a sustainable customer value proposition through smarter integrated JBT technology will be the focus for an upcoming JBT Technical Seminar, which will take place on March 14 at the VIV Asia 2019 show in Bangkok, Thailand. 

One such example of smart technology that will be highlighted at the seminar is the IMAX 630 Injector, which makes use of the cutting edge JBT Schröder IMAX-IT system, a controller featuring an intuitive user interface that sets new standards in user-friendliness and information provision. 

Designed for chicken, pork and beef processing, the system connects functions and also provides independent control of the desired injection rate. 


Manuel Kaufman, Product line and Application Manager for Curing and Marination at JBT APAC, will lead the discussions and presentation of JBT HIGHline Injection Solutions, providing examples of how intelligent IMAX-IT and Automated Integrated JBT solutions have driven the value proposition for customers in the region.

High expectations
In an interview, Tom Borup, Managing Director of JBT Asia Pacific, said JBT’s presence at VIV Asia 2019 would mark the company’s first direct participation in the show, adding that the JBT team had high expectations for the event. 


“When we look at Asia we are very optimistic: demographics are right, we have a huge growth in our middle class which is driving food consumption growth,” he said. “On top of that modern lifestyles and “food on the go” adds to a healthy growth of QSR and convenience stores across Asia – all that fits well to the JBT portfolio.

“Not only are there more middle class consumers in Asia but the income per capita is increasing and the Chinese, Indians, Indonesians, Thais, Koreans, and even to some extent Japanese are eating a more calorie and protein rich when they choose their meals – poultry and related is an key protein in this respect – this is a trend we see to continue for years to come.”

JBT will exhibit at Stand 4340, Hall 98 at VIV Asia 2019, which takes place in Bangkok, Thailand’s Bitec Conference Centre from March 13-15.

The Technical Seminar will take place at 14.30 pm in Room 212 at the Bitec Conference Centre on March 14. Click to request more information.


JBT’s LVS QuickDry: the patented system that halves freezer drying time


JBT has launched a revolutionary new system for fast-drying of industrial spiral freezers after cleaning, helping save hours of non-productive time typically lost attempting – not always successfully – to take moisture out of freezers after defrosting.

The LVS QuickDry is an innovative solution to drying difficulties which makes use of a patented system of condensation cycles to quickly and efficiently remove all droplets of water from spiral freezers. Unlike most traditional drying systems, which rely on fans and can take an average of two-and-a-half hours to achieve results – leading to substantial downtime – the LVS QuickDry shortens effective drying time by up to an hour.


JBT’s LVS Refrigeration System is a patented invention that optimizes the refrigeration system by reducing energy consumption, improving freezer performance in the process.

“When customers have freezers, the biggest problem – as with freezers at home – is defrosting and cleaning,” explains Torbjörn Persson, JBT’s Director of Value Stream & Global Product Line, Spiral Freezers. “You can’t have a wet freezer after cleaning, so you have to dry them out and this can typically take several hours, especially with mid-sized and large spiral freezers where there’s a lot of steel. What this system does it that it shortens the drying sequence by up to one hour.”


Drying solutions
In a typical factory environment where conditions are often humid, damp and cold, drying using fans is a slow process that can leave moisture in the freezer if any attempt is made to speed it up. 

“Drying has typically been done by running fans at high speed, much like a dishwasher,” says Persson. But then, the problem is – much like a dishwasher – if you don’t open the door, it never really gets dry because it’s hard to get rid of all the moisture. And what happens is you end up with a very warm freezer that takes a long time to chill down and you still have a lot of moisture in there.”


With drying often taking up a third for total cleaning time when it comes to spiral freezers, having a dry freezer back in operation as quickly as possible is key to avoiding downtime. However, using conventional drying methods, this is not always the case.

“We know from our operational experience that a lot of customers dry and they are still not happy, so they have to dry for another half an hour before they can start running because if you have a wet freezer, water can start to freeze on moving parts causing problems with the mechanics,” says Persson. “The LVS QuickDry condensates the moisture to the evaporator before heating it again quickly using hot gas, so the moisture that has frozen to the evaporator drips down to the floor. This gets most of the moisture out of the freezer as quickly as possible.”

JBT aims to crack nut industry dilemma


JBT will be showcasing a range of solutions, including pasteurization, for the global nut industry at the upcoming Peanut & Tree Nut Processors Association (PTNPA) Convention 2019 to be held in Palm Springs, California from January 18-21, in response to the likely introduction of greater regulations for the sector. 

Following on from JBT’s successful participation at the 2018 Almond Conference, staged earlier this month in Sacramento, California, the JBT team will again seek to focus on the considerable benefits of having pasteurization in place for nut processors.

Global focus
Unlike the largely US-focused Almond Conference, the PTNPA show is expected to attract nut companies from across the globe, from peanut processors in Georgia to tree nut specialists from India. However, although the event is more international in scope, JBT’s Tricia Harlan says tree nut and peanut processors face many of the same challenges as the almond industry.


Pistachios being harvested in Sicily, Italy. Photo:

“Everything from pistachios and walnuts to cashews, peanuts and hazelnuts will be represented at the show, and these producers are likely to face the same kinds of pasteurization regulations in the future that almond producers are having to adapt to now,” she explains. 

To this end, JBT will be highlighting two pieces of equipment in particular: JBT Stein JSP-C Jet Stream® Pasteurization System Compact; and a bigger, 40 inch version of the same system for medium-large sized processors.


The JBT Stein JSP-I Jet Stream® Pasteurization System Compact

“This is a really important topic in general for the nut industry,” says Harlan. “Everyone is moving towards a pasteurized product, so their products are safe for consumers, and it’s very important for those processors to know that JBT has a solution for them because we’ve been validated in so many different nuts.”

JBT will be exhibiting at the Peanut & Tree Nut Processors Association (PTNPA) Convention 2019 at the Renaissance Indian Wells Resort & Spa, Palm Springs, California from January 18-21.

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