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JBT iOPS builds head of steam in global expansion


JBT’s IoT (Internet of Things) platform iOPS is continuing its expansion during the early weeks of 2021, with the first custom-built iOPS Dashboard for the JBT Stein TwinDrum Spiral Oven being successfully launched for a market leading European customer. Specialising in cooked chicken products, the customer is able to use the iOPS Dashboard to gain instant access to performance data, enabling them to achieve optimum product results and tackle any potential problems.

Using a TwinDrum Oven that started running in 2020, the customer is now able to receive minute-by-minute information from the system, which will help consistently produce the desired color and yield, explains JBT’s Manager for Coating and Cooking Applications, Bart Kivits.

“Before iOPS we had to go out to the customer to get performance data, but now we are able to view the data on our laptops through the iOPS Dashboard, which shows straightaway what exactly is going on,” he says. “For both the customer and the team at JBT, instant access to this data is hugely valuable. Customers can see what’s going on with the oven, so from the application side, they almost immediately see value.”


Improved support
By being able to look at the oven performance data such as feedback from temperature sensors on any given day, Kivits says JBT is also able to better support both the customer and its own team on site. “This information shows us for example if the air was not as hot as it should be, if there wasn’t enough steam or if there are performance problems with the products,” he says.

But not only is the JBT and the customer able to look at how the oven is performing, they can also examine factors – from a laptop or telephone – such as how much energy it is consuming and how long it has been running, enabling efficiency and energy-saving improvements.

With the iOPS Dashboard adaptable to almost any JBT technology and continued positive feedback from customers, Kivits adds that expansion of the platform is only likely to continue in the months and years ahead.

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TIPPER TIE to showcase clipping innovations in new webinar


JBT TIPPER TIE will be highlighting the advantages of the new SVU6800 large calibre Automatic Double Clipper in a free-to-view JBTConnect Webinar on March 4. The SVU6800 is ideal for whole muscle products like hams and roast beef, as well as typical sliced products and deli logs, and even salami, smoked meats and heavy hung products.

The SVU6800 features an innovative mechanical design with an emphasis on productivity and reliability, make it the fastest automatic double clipper in its class. Initially introduced as a prototype at IFFA in 2019, the SVU6800 has since had a design revision and the first machines – sold between late 2020 and early 2021 – have been well received by customers.

Capable of handling products from 50-200 millimeters in diameter, with a top speed of 65 pieces/minute, the unit includes a very powerful voider so it can void through whole muscle products. It can be paired with the JBT Schröder HAMAX800 Whole Muscle Stuffer for a complete whole muscle product solution.  For other applications, it features an optional slack-fill module for formed or natural shaped products.


Cost efficient
However, what makes the SVU6800 really stand out, says Conrad Faust, Director of Product Management at TIPPER TIE, is the machine’s mechanical design. “The previous model used a lot of pneumatics, so its air consumption was high,” he explains. “This is significant because compressed air is the biggest cost in a lot of plants. This change also eliminated a lot of the sensors that are required in a pneumatic machine. The mechanical design makes it a lot faster, more cost efficient, and more reliable.”

The other great advantage of the SVU6800, continues Faust, is a robust, powerful design, which is targeted for maximum uptime and longer gaps between required maintenance or parts replacement. “The SVU6800 delivers an innovative, hygienic design; powerful, effective functionality, and a very low requirement for maintenance, for an overall lower total cost of ownership” he adds.

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JBT PROCARE helps Nabil Foods run 24/7


Unexpected delays can be significant for any food processing company, but for Nabil Foods, the largest producer of chilled and frozen food products in Jordan, running 24/7 to meet production schedules and deliver high quality, consistent products means there is no room for unplanned downtime.

JBT’s PRoCARE® Service Agreements are about making sure equipment and production performs to an optimum level, while minimizing downtime, and in recent years its focus on preventative maintenance has developed into a key component of Nabil Foods’ business.

Crucial support
Nabil Foods produces a high-end range of beef and chicken burgers, nuggets and ready meals, as well as desserts, which are supplied to retail and foodservice customers across the entire Middle East and North Africa region. The company has long worked with JBT, and in fact JBT has been Nabil Foods’ sole supplier of coating, frying, cooking and freezing equipment for more than 15 years.


However, having a JBT PRoCARE Service agreement in place has been vital in keeping the company’s 10+ production lines running 24/7, according to CEO Ahmed Sallakh. “We are very pleased with JBT and the direction of our partnership,” he said. “The machinery is performing at its best, but as important, is the support from JBT’s after sales service. We are able to run 24/7 because of JBT.”

With Nabil Foods currently achieving double digit sales growth, Mr Sallakh stresses that such support is crucial to ensuring production does not slow down, while maintaining the firm’s leading position in the market.


Preventative maintenance
In 2018, Nabil Foods was faced with several downtime challenges following postponement of the renewal for its PRoCARE service agreement with JBT. A lack of preventative maintenance led to a number of technical issues and breakdowns during the years, with the unplanned downtime starting to affect revenue. Nabil Foods renewed its PRoCARE agreement in early 2019 and has since seen unplanned downtime dropping by 48% compared with 2018, with worn parts being replaced before potential problems become a reality.

Mr Ahmed Hussein, Engineering Manager at Nabil Foods, said: “JBT has supported us with patience, knowledge and generosity to resolve an array of challenges we were facing and to continuously develop our equipment and internal engineering services. Fundamentally, they have become a key partner for our organization, and from my standpoint, I couldn’t have expected better.”

Find out more about Nabil Foods

Learn more about JBT PRoCARE Service Agreements

JBT C.A.T. NEOCAT CIP: The #1 Way to Improve Chiller Cleaning


Cleaning your chiller typically requires the manual labor of four employees and must be performed every night to ensure you meet stringent food processing safety standards. Sanitizing your chiller this way is labor intensive – but until recently manual cleaning was your only option. Now, there’s a better way to clean your chiller, and that’s with the automated Clean-In-Place solution from JBT. 

By automating your cleaning process, you can reduce cleaning labor down to one employee who operates the cleaning system. No longer do you need multiple employees to complete this task. 

One additional, very important benefit of automated cleaning is that it improves worker safety. Because workers no longer have the task of cleaning heavy equipment in confined spaces, you can eliminate human error and many of the associated accidents. 


CIP technology for the JBT C.A.T. NEOCAT can improve worker safety and reduce labor costs 

Recognizing the challenges of manual chiller cleaning, JBT has developed and patented Clean-In-Place technology to automate chiller cleaning. This system can reduce labor costs, enhance worker safety and even improve food safety. 

In trial runs, Clean-In-Place was shown to be 100% effective in removing contamination. Clean-In-Place can be added to any existing JBT chiller – including the new C.A.T. NEOCAT Chiller.

If you’d like to learn more, about how Clean-In-Place can take your line to the next level, visit our product page or contact your JBT representative. 

New JBT machines and innovations for IPPE Week

tech photo generic

We may not all be able to meet face-to-face in Atlanta this year for the International Production & Processing Expo (IPPE), but JBT-Prime Equipment Group will be hosting a week of JBT Connect Webinars where we showcase new innovations and solutions for protein processors.

The week starts on January 25 at 3:00 PM EST with a New Machines & Innovations webinar where JBT-Prime Equipment will unveil a few surprises as we pull the covers off some new machines and solutions for chicken processors to kick off 2021!

The webinars continue with a look at Turkey Innovations: New Solutions for Turkey Debone and Whole Bird Netting from Prime Equipment Group and Tipper Tie on January 27 at 3:00 PM EST.


MARS Tracking Solutions from JBT-Prime will feature in the Turkey webinar

“We’ll miss gathering in person with our friends in the Turkey Industry during IPPE Week, but Tipper Tie and Prime Equipment Group are teaming up to unveil new machinery and solutions specifically for the Turkey Industry,” says Prime Equipment Group’s Grant Parsons.

On the JBT-Prime Equipment Group side, the webinar will feature the latest news on equipment updates and solutions specifically for Turkey Suppliers, including an update on the innovative new Turkey Overhead Cut-Up Line and the new line of MARS Efficiency Tracking Solutions to help customers get the most out of their processing lines.

From Tipper-Tie, the webinar will be showcasing ways to increase productivity and lower costs with automated whole-bird solutions, including an all-new higher-throughput netting solutions for increased profits.

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