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JBT aims to crack nut industry dilemma


JBT will be showcasing a range of solutions, including pasteurization, for the global nut industry at the upcoming Peanut & Tree Nut Processors Association (PTNPA) Convention 2019 to be held in Palm Springs, California from January 18-21, in response to the likely introduction of greater regulations for the sector. 

Following on from JBT’s successful participation at the 2018 Almond Conference, staged earlier this month in Sacramento, California, the JBT team will again seek to focus on the considerable benefits of having pasteurization in place for nut processors.

Global focus
Unlike the largely US-focused Almond Conference, the PTNPA show is expected to attract nut companies from across the globe, from peanut processors in Georgia to tree nut specialists from India. However, although the event is more international in scope, JBT’s Tricia Harlan says tree nut and peanut processors face many of the same challenges as the almond industry.


Pistachios being harvested in Sicily, Italy. Photo:

“Everything from pistachios and walnuts to cashews, peanuts and hazelnuts will be represented at the show, and these producers are likely to face the same kinds of pasteurization regulations in the future that almond producers are having to adapt to now,” she explains. 

To this end, JBT will be highlighting two pieces of equipment in particular: JBT Stein JSP-C Jet Stream® Pasteurization System Compact; and a bigger, 40 inch version of the same system for medium-large sized processors.


The JBT Stein JSP-I Jet Stream® Pasteurization System Compact

“This is a really important topic in general for the nut industry,” says Harlan. “Everyone is moving towards a pasteurized product, so their products are safe for consumers, and it’s very important for those processors to know that JBT has a solution for them because we’ve been validated in so many different nuts.”

JBT will be exhibiting at the Peanut & Tree Nut Processors Association (PTNPA) Convention 2019 at the Renaissance Indian Wells Resort & Spa, Palm Springs, California from January 18-21.

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JBT brings full pasteurization package to Almond Conference


JBT is using the occasion of this week’s Almond Conference to launch a full service pasteurization offering – from start to finish – for the almond industry. As part of its presence at the event, which takes place in the Sacramento Convention Center, California until December 6, JBT will be offering an innovative, one-stop solution for pasteurization for almond producers and processors.

With the Almond Board of California having recently made it a requirement for almonds to be pasteurized after harvesting, there is now an obligation for farmers from California – the biggest almond production region in the US – to have pasteurization systems in place.


However, according to JBT’s Tricia Harlan, up to this stage there has not been a company willing to offer everything from a pasteurizer to a chiller to cover the entirety of the pasteurization process.

“What we are offering at the show is the pasteurizer and all ancillary equipment needed for pasteurization,” she explains. “So we’ll have conveyors, refrigeration, the steam generator, the chiller, as well as the actual pasteurizer itself, so when customers are looking to bring pasteurization from a tolling operation to in-house, they have a one-stop shop where they can get everything from us.”


The JBT Stein JSP-I Jet Stream® Pasteurization System Compact

Complete solution
“Most of the attendees at the Almond Conference will be from California, so in some way, shape or form, they need to have their almonds pasteurized in order to sell to the retail market,” Harlan continues. For small-medium sized processors, the complete solution will include a JBT Stein JSP-I Jet Stream® Pasteurization System Compact, alongside a JBT Frigoscandia FloFREEZE® Chiller, which is used to lower the temperature of almonds following pasteurization.

“In order to operate those pieces of equipment, you need a steam generator, refrigeration systems and conveyors, all of which will be available in our solution,” adds Harlan.

JBT’s Ramesh Gunawardena will be delivering a presentation on the almond pasteurization technologies available from JBT at the Almond Conference in Room 306–307 at 11.10 am on December 5.

JBT will also be showcasing solutions for the nut industry at the Peanut & Tree Nut Processors Association (PTNPA) Convention 2019 at the Renaissance Indian Wells Resort & Spa, Palm Springs, California from January 18-21.

Cooking up a success: a look at Formcook, Double D & Stein

In this first in a series of articles where the JBT Protein Blog reviews the highlights for 2018 for JBT brands and looks ahead to 2019, we speak to JBT’s Stefan Paulsson about Formcook, Double D and Stein.

The ability to offer global customers cooking and frying solutions that can deal effectively with a wide range of products – whether they be chicken, poultry or vegetables – has been one of the key foundations of the appeal of JBT brands Formcook, Double D and Stein, with a customer base stretching across Europe, the Middle East, Asia and North America. But until recently, customers handling huge volumes of products had to look elsewhere.

JBT_Double D Chargrill_salmon

All this changed in 2016 with the introduction of the Stein TwinDrum Oven, a high volume cooking solution, which according to JBT’s Sweden-based Director of Value Stream and Global Product Line, Stefan Paulsson, has continued to delivered impressive results year-on-year.

In fact, Paulsson ranks the continued success of the TwinDrum as one of JBT’s biggest achievements for 2018 when it comes to cooking and frying solutions. “We outgrew our market share in 2018 with the TwinDrum,” he says. “We are now able to assist customers that need an oven that can handle a much greater volume of products. Customers also like the fact we can have the product in and out at the same height, which is the benefit of a TwinDrum.”

Competitive difference
Not to be left behind, 2018 has also been an important year for the Double D and Formcook brands. For Double D, the Chargrill & Bar Marker remains a strong performer, delivering a home grilled-style touch to steaks and poultry. “if you put your steak on a grill at home, you get bar marks on the product, which is what the Chargrill & Bar Marker does. It also adds a flavor touch to it,” explains Paulsson.

Flavor has also been a key element in the success of the Formcook range in 2018, with the line finding particular favor with the bacon industry. Perfect for bacon frying, the Formcook Contact Cooker uses teflon belts above and below the product, very much says Paulsson, like frying slices of bacon at home. The Contact Cooker is complemented by the Combi Cooker – part contact cooker-part oven for companies needing control of temperature and steam – and the Double D Forced-Convection Oven, which consists of a belt going through a controlled environment. 


2019 preview
For the 12 months ahead, Paulsson says JBT plans to have more alternatives available for customers by combining equipment from Formcook and Double D, along with the Stein TwinDrum Oven and M-Fryer, which he says will be able to offer customers an even better product solution.

JBT Stein, Double D and Formcook will be exhibiting at leading meat industry event IFFA 2019 in Frankfurt, Germany from May 4-9, 2019, alongside fellow JBT brand Frigoscandia.

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JBT processing solutions to take center stage at Bangkok seminar

Thailand seafood factory - shutterstock

JBT will highlight a wide range of processing solutions for poultry, pork and seafood processors in South East Asia at an extensive one-day seminar to be held on November 15 in Bangkok, Thailand. The JBT Processing Solutions Day, which will be staged at Bangkok’s JW Marriott Hotel, will provide an overview of how to simplify processing, and improve yield, productivity and efficiency with the support of new JBT systems and innovative technologies.

The focus of the event is on protein processing and preparation, covering areas such as freezing, coating, cooking, curing and injection, according to Mr Sorayut Ujjaphuree, JBT Regional Sales Manager for Thailand, Myanmar, Cambodia and Laos.

JBT Avure

HPP systems from JBT Avure will be among the featured technologies.

It will include a look at JBT’s Kunshan Research & Technology Center for Asia customers, an update on freezer technology including the Frigoscandia Freezer, and an examination of JBT portioning technology, including the DSI Waterjet Portioning system. The Processing Solutions Day will also cover JBT Avure High Pressure Processing (HPP) Systems and an introduction to the benefits of the JBT PRoCARE™ program.

Sorayut said: “As well as providing an update on JBT technologies, the Processing Solutions Day will be highlighting the benefits customers can receive from partnering with JBT such as better yield, improved productivity and labor savings through improved efficiencies.”

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JBT to showcase IMAX 400 SMARTline Injector at Gulfood Manufacturing


Global food processing technology solutions provider, JBT will be showcasing the Schröder IMAX 400 SMARTline Injector at this year’s Gulfood Manufacturing. JBT acquired the German-based manufacturer in February this year to extend its inline portfolio of portioning, coating, cooking, searing, chilling and freezing technology.

A pioneer in curing technology for over 50 years, the Schröder injector is designed to deal with a wide variety of products, including red meat, poultry products and fish, and can be modified to inject special brine recipes or challenging ingredients.

“The Schröder SMARTline range of injectors can deal with even unconventional demands,” commented Michael Nöhring, JBT’s sales manager for the Schröder line.


“The injector accuracy and high yield is based on 50 years of experience in the curing industry, along with research we conducted with the University of Applied Sciences in Lemgo in Germany. It’s available with two manifold variants, a retraction block for bone-in products and an optional tenderising block. The injection rate can vary between 10% and 100%.”

All Schröder injectors have a standard deviation of up to 0.5 – 1.5 depending on the product. The touchscreen controller, which will be operational on the stand, can set pump performance, speed and type of injection (one or two-way injection) with the ability to store up to 25 recipes.


“The injector has been designed for flexible configuration to suit the process and production conditions,” says Michael.  “Many customers come to test their own recipes at our test facility in Werther in Germany, where they can trial the injector on various raw materials.”

The Schröder IMAX injectors can be integrated with JBT’s range of Frigoscandia GYRoCOMPACT® Spiral Chilling and Freezing Systems. JBT’s other brands include DSI® portioning systems, Stein® coating systems, Double D® cookers and searer/grill markers and Formcook® contact and convection ovens.

JBT will be exhibiting in Hall 4, Stand D4-44 at Gulfood Manufacturing 2018 at the Dubai World Trade Centre from November 6-8.

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Cost-effective clipper to be centerpiece for JBT Tipper Tie at SÜFFA 2018

Smoked pork sausages hanging

The JBT Tipper Tie SVF1800, a cost-effective, high-speed automatic double clipper that helps eliminate residue for sausage processors will be the focus of JBT’s participation in the upcoming SÜFFA 2018 trade exhibition, an event which brings together much of the meat industry from across Germany for three days in Stuttgart.

Taking place at the Messe Stuttgart exhibition halls from 20-22 October, the long-established show is one of the most important meeting points for the meat industry, covering the complete range of products and services for craft butchers and processors.

In the case of JBT, whose Tipper Tie unit will be exhibiting for the duration of the show, the SVF1800 will be the undoubted highlight; a system which can be connected to all conventional filling machines to produce individual, string, and ring sausages in precisely sealed portions without sausage residue in the casing ends. The SVF1800 can also be used for packaging semi-finished confectionery products, cheese, soups, and non-food products.


Jörg Nold, JBT Tipper Tie’s Director of Sales for the EMEA and APAC regions, says SÜFFA will provide an ideal forum to showcase the SVF1800 and other systems to a wide audience. “SÜFFA is an interesting exhibition for growing, mid-sized customers,” he says. “The whole of Germany will be there, as well as some exporters, which will include companies specialised in sausage production, meat processors, butchers and cheese processors.

“The SVF1800 is our highlight for this year and we will be inviting customers from across Germany to learn more about the system.”

JBT Tipper Tie will be exhibiting in Hall 9, Stand 9D31 at SÜFFA 2018 at Messe Stuttgart from October 20-22.

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Learn more about the Tipper Tie SVF1800

Lifting the load: JBT showcases efficiency-improving AGVs at Pack Expo


JBT’s line of automatic guided vehicle (AGV) systems, solutions which are enabling many high profile companies in the food sector to make substantial efficiency savings, will be centerstage at this year’s Pack Expo, which will be held at Chicago’s McCormick Place Convention Center from October 14-17. JBT will be showcasing the CB750, a counterbalance-style forklift AGV capable of carrying 750 kg, which will be running host-free at the show. 

What this means in practice, says JBT AGV’s Laura McConney, is that the forklift will be operating without any high-level software and will make all the intelligent decisions itself. Ideal for handling pallets, racks, and rolls, the counterbalance AGV excels in floor-to-floor transfers, and its end-mounted lift mast allows the vehicle to move multiple load types without complications.

“The AGVs handle a lot of packaging materials for customers, principally towards the end of line as packaging materials are coming off the production line,” explains McConney. “We do really well with palletised units and can also automatically load and unload trailers.”


Efficiency savings
However, one of the most outstanding attributes offered by the AGV is its ability to deliver substantial efficiency savings. Manufactured in the US – as well as the UK for Europe and China for Asia, respectively – the AGV units remove repetitive and wasteful work practices, enabling companies to redeploy resources more effectively. 

“Most of what we’re delivering to customers is labor savings,” says Mark Longacre, JBT’s applications manager for automated systems. “We think of that as allowing them to redeploy labor to where they can create more value in their process. Having people on a forklift moving products from one end of the plant to the other all day does not add value to the product. In reality, it can affect safety and often does. People get bored and careless and make mistakes, which can create accidents and personal injury, as well as plant and product damage.”

JBT will be exhibiting at Pack Expo 2018 at Booth N-4725 in Chicago’s McCormick Place Convention Center from October 14-17.

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