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The DSI Waterjet: cutting out obstacles to protein profits


Reduce labor and improve yield with innovative automated solutions from the DSI™ team at JBT. These systems – on display at IPPE 2022 – trim, slice and optimally portion poultry, beef, pork, plant-based protein, fish and even bakery products; in the process cutting out obstacles to having a profitable protein business.

DSI Portioning Systems employ machine vision technologies to scan food products and determine product shape, weight, and fat; preplanning and optimizing each piece for maximum value before the first servo-driven automated cuts take place. DSI systems cut with high pressure waterjets, horizontal blades, and vertical blades to maximize yield processor profit. 

More Solutions More Efficiently
JBT will display and demonstrate the DSI 800 S series Waterjet Portioning System at the International Production & Processing Expo (IPPE) in Atlanta GA from January 25-27, 2022. The DSI display will highlight the latest advances in high-yield waterjet portioning as well as an efficient and rugged new intensifier pump technology proprietary to JBT that uses 40% less power to deliver 4000 or 6000 bar water pressure. 

High-Yield Adaptive 3D Portioning (A3D)
The DSI 800 Series Portioning System is complemented by the DSI Adaptive Slicer 3D™ to achieve high-yield portioning of large-bird input product. The system combines waterjet cutting with intelligent horizontal slicing to achieve three-dimensional portioning. The new Adaptive slicer features wider lanes and improved systems to adapt to shape and size variation of incoming product to maximize yield.

“With the A3D system we have the ability to portion double weight product to template on the waterjet and then we intelligently horizontally slice the product to generate a top and bottom portion,” explains Dave Faires, DSI Director of Applications and Portioning Segment Leader. “For some applications we achieve six or eight shape-and-weight controlled portions from the original input product.”

JBT DSI Dual Robot Harvester

Labor Saving Solutions
The DSI portfolio includes labor reducing solutions for poultry processors serving quick service restaurants or retail products. The popular DSI Dual Robot Harvesting System (DRH) (pictured above) reduces the labor required to separate portions from value added elements of the portioning process such as nuggets, chunks or strips bound for downstream bulk processing such as marination. 

The latest innovation in the portfolio is a proven and exclusive solution for net weight packing and tray packing and high speed sorting or “calibrating” of fillets. JBT is introducing the proven Robotgrader system, updated and tuned for the needs of the North American market under an exclusive distribution agreement. This automated system scans product to determine shape and orientation, weighs the product in motion, and then robotically picks and places product according to maximum value at the highest production rate available in the least space required for such a solution. 

“All four DSI solutions will be on display at the expo, alongside a video kiosk demonstrating our applications and our JBT remote support and IoT solution, called iOPS,” Faires adds.

JBT will be exhibiting at IPPE 2022 in Atlanta GA from January 25-27 in Booths C12743 and C12943 at the Georgia World Congress Center. 

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JBT at IPPE 2022: Winning ingenuity for a New Year

“We’re with you, right down the line”™ will be the theme of JBT’s presence at the IPPE 2022 International Production & Processing Expo, which takes place in Atlanta GA from January 25-27. With the global food industry emerging from the challenges of the Covid-19 pandemic, JBT will be highlighting its commitment to customers as the number one solutions provider in food processing from start to finish.

Present in two 500 sq ft booths, JBT Protein, alongside Diversified Food & Health, will be showcasing systems from many of JBT’s constituent parts, including Tipper Tie processing and clipping machines, Avure HPP technology, and Proseal tray sealing solutions


The Protein booth will additionally feature the new Northfield CleanFREEZE Spiral Freezer – whose innovations help customers save time and money – and XVision x-ray technology, which can be combined with the DSI X-ray Guided Waterjet Portioning System to achieve unparalleled accuracy.

Further adding to the highlights list, JBT will be showcasing robotic solutions available from our newly-announced partner RobotGrader with a working robot on display at the booth. The robot’s appearance follows JBT’s agreement with the Sweden-based company to act as its official, authorized North America distributor.


The JBT Northfield CleanFREEZE Spiral Freezer: saving customers time and money

Events at show
Discussing the themes of post-pandemic business recovery and marking JBT’s 40-year participation at IPPE, JBT CEO Brian Deck will be holding a press conference at the booth on January 26 at 9:30 AM. Brian will be discussing the state of the industry, as well as JBT’s plan to combat industry problems, such as labor loss and skyrocketing logistics across the supply chain.

On the customer side, JBT will be staging a Happy Hour event at the booth on January 25 from 3-5 PM, where customers will be invited to meet account managers and other JBT representatives accompanied by drinks and appetizers. 

JBT will be exhibiting at IPPE 2022 in Atlanta GA from January 25-27 in Booths C12743 and C12943 at the Georgia World Congress Center. 

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JBT brings sustainable focus to Gulfood Manufacturing 2021

Awareness of sustainable issues is growing across the globe, but can manufacturers improve their records while making savings and becoming more competitive? This is the key question JBT will be looking to answer at Gulfood Manufacturing 2021, the trade exhibition that takes place from November 7-9 in Dubai, UAE.

Taking part on a ONE JBT booth, with representatives from both Diversified Food & Health and Protein Processingpresent, JBT will be highlighting our ability to partner with customers to deliver sustainable value creation throughout the whole production cycle. From project/line specification and definition through design, implementation and installation, transfer of ownership to maintenance, JBT has all the tools to help customers, including PRoCARE Service Agreements, joined connectivity systems, remote PRoSIGHT support, training, and technology centers.

But more than this, JBT will also showcase Avure High Pressure Processing (HPP) clean-technology systems capable of boosting shelf-life for a range of products, including high-quality snacking dishes, such as hummus, which enjoy great popularity across the Middle East.

Sustainable savings
“Customers are increasingly asking for sustainable solutions because food regulations are becoming more stringent on a whole range of issues from CO2 to waste water and energy consumption, and there’s an awareness these need to be reduced,” explains JBT’s Ben Verbeeck.

“The message we will be bringing to Gulfood Manufacturing is that we can look at a company’s production lines and determine where sustainable improvements and savings can be made, such as through lowering energy consumption.

“We also offer operational and cleaning training on how to maintain machines in an optimum condition, which leads to less wear and tear. We view sustainability as a partnership with the customer, through training and maintenance, where together we look at how we can make improvements.”

Proseal tray sealing systems will be on display at Gulfood Manufacturing 2021

Featured technologies
As well as HPP, the JBT booth will also feature live demonstrations of JBT Proseal’s GTR tray sealing machine, ideal for both smaller scale food enterprises and new product development. The fully-portable semi-automatic Proseal GTR now incorporates a new user-friendly HMI screen for even easier machine set up and operation.

Other recent JBT innovations set to be featured include the Frigoscandia GYRoCOMPACT® 70 Spiral Freezer, the DSI® 844 Waterjet Portioning System, the AsepFlex™ Linear Pouch Filler, and the High speed UniFiller-Seamer. As well as meeting regular visitors, JBT has been selected for the Gulfood Manufacturing Innovation Tour, with twice-daily tours receiving an in-depth presentation of JBT´s trending innovations and showcased solutions. 

JBT will be exhibiting at Gulfood Manufacturing 2021 in Dubai, UAE, from November 7-9. 

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JBTConnect CleanFREEZE webinar to showcase savings


JBT will be staging a free-to-attend webinar on the features and benefits of the new JBT Northfield CleanFREEZE Spiral Freezer on June 24 at 3 PM (ET), with a focus on how the system’s built-in innovations can help customers save time and money.

Hosted by John Bauer, JBT Product Manager for Freezers, the JBTConnect webinar will look in detail at the advantages offered by the CleanFREEZE’s incredible features, including external fan motors and Clean-in-Place (CIP) technology.

Radical redesign
The newly-launched CleanFREEZE marks a step-forward from the long-standing Northfield SuperTRAK Structure Supported Spiral Freezer, with a system that offers innovations in both hygiene and cleaning. A radical redesign of the freezer has been focused on making the machine easier and faster to clean and has significantly reduced the risk of bacterial growth across the structure.

According to Bauer, the CleanFREEZE takes the original SuperTRAK design and adds new hygienic features, including innovations that differentiate the CleanFREEZE freezer from other spiral freezers and go beyond what is currently available on the wider market.

The JBTConnect Northfield CleanFREEZE Spiral Freezer webinar will take place on June 24, 2021 at 03:00 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada)

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HPP Seafood Webinar to discuss how system can boost yield and profits

JBT Avure will be hosting a free HPP webinar on Wednesday March 3 at 10 AM EST to discuss how High Pressure Processing can make a substantial difference for seafood customers, both in terms of yield and profit. Joining Dr Errol Raghubeer, Avure VP of Food Science, will be John Hathaway, CEO of Shuck’s Maine Lobster, who will be telling us first-hand of his experience using HPP with seafood.

A cold pasteurization process, HPP uses ultra-high pressure purified water to keep seafood both shell and pathogen free. Already used in several segments of the food industry to inactivate foodborne pathogens, HPP provides an approved process in the oyster industry for the inactivation of Vibro bacteria which carries a high risk for the consumption of raw oysters and other shellfish.

Crucially, as well as extending shelflife and improving nutrition, mouthfeel and taste, HPP separates 100% of meat from the shells without the use of heat, and increases total meat yield in lobster by 80% compared to heat.

JBT Avure’s Marketing Director for HPP technologies, Lisa Wessels, said: “Our customer John Hathaway from Shuck’s Maine Lobster has experience of the difference HPP has made for lobsters. When you HPP lobster, you get 100% separation of the meat from the shell, whereas you never get that with manual shucking. It also retains more fluid after going through HPP versus manual, so that helps improve the weight and helps make the lobster a little more profitable.”

HPP can be used for all types of shellfish, including oyster, clam and shrimp.

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