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Growing together: how TIPPER TIE supports small processors

For companies starting out in the meat industry – whether that be a small butcher or boutique meat producer with a line of premium products – having efficient, cost-effective processing solutions in place is key to determining if that venture can be a success. JBT TIPPER TIE offers a range of automated and semi-automated solutions that ensure quality specifically aimed at small companies looking to grow while on a reduced budget.

Designed for smaller processors, the TIPPER TIE KDCM range of equipment – much of which will be on display at the upcoming IFFA 2022 exhibition in Frankfurt, Germany, from May 14-19 – has a low upfront cost but is made to be robust and reliable on a daily basis. 

“We’ve got a whole line of equipment tailor-made for small meat processors, meat lockers, or small butchers who have a variety of different products and want to have a real hand-made, high-quality look and feel to them, especially products made with premium materials or casings,” explains JBT TIPPER TIE’s Director of Product Management, Conrad Faust.

A hallmark of TIPPER TIE solutions, the KDCM line of machines are available in budget-friendly semi-automatic or labor-saving automatic versions and are designed to run and produce day in and day out, even for multiple shifts. 

Modular solutions
One of the unique things about the KDCM family of machines, Faust continues, is its ability to adapt as a customer’s business grows. “The ‘M’ in KDCM stands for Modular because much of the KDCM family was designed in a modular fashion in such a way that if a customer didn’t order a machine with a looper or a stringer, and then needs one, it is easy to add,” he says. “If you are going to add an additional machine, it will already share a lot of parts with your existing machines.”

And as companies increase their productivity, they can smoothly transfer from a KDCM to a KDCMA. Faust says both versions share similar components and operating principles, which means that upgrades can be carried out with minimal disruption for operators. Further, once customers outgrow the KDCMA range and require more industrial pieces of equipment, TIPPER TIE can offer solutions, such as the SVF1800 which offers even more throughput and features.

Worldwide support
An additional advantage for small companies is that because TIPPER TIE is a part of JBT, it has a very strong support network and expert base already in place around the globe. “If you are buying a piece of TIPPER TIE equipment, you are also buying into the TIPPER TIE and JBT family of support, covering everything from spare parts to manufacturing. We keep customers up and running,” Faust adds.

TIPPER TIE will have a range of solutions on display at IFFA 2022 in Hall 8, Stand J90, and K90 in Frankfurt, Germany, from May 14-19, 2022.

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Radically reducing freezer downtime: the CleanFREEZE takes centerstage

Aiming to optimize freezer production by minimizing cold-to-cold downtime, while making sure no shortcuts are taken on hygiene and cleaning? JBT Northfield’s CleanFREEZE marks a step-forward from the long-established Northfield SuperTRAK Structure Supported Spiral Freezer by delivering a radically-reduced cold-to-cold time, along with important hygienic and ease-of-maintenance innovations. 

At its core, the CleanFREEZE takes the original SuperTRAK design and adds new hygienic features, including innovations that differentiate the CleanFREEZE freezer from other spiral freezers currently available. The comprehensive redesign not only minimizes the defrost full sanitation process, it also makes the freezer easier and quicker to clean, and reduces the risk of bacterial contamination.

Turnaround time
Perhaps most significantly, the cleaning turnaround time has been cut to four hours from an industry average of six. In the process, says John Bauer, JBT’s Freezer Division Product Manager, customers will be able to make real savings on time. “With the CleanFREEZE, customers don’t have to go through such a lengthy cleaning process so they can increase production and throughput, enabling them to maximize uptime,” he says.

Ease of maintenance
However, the time savings aren’t just limited to the cleaning process. The latest version of the CleanFREEZE features significant improvements to ease-of-maintenance, including the moving of fan motors to the exterior of the structure. “Having the fan motors outside allows customers to replace them easily if something fails while they continue to run production,” explains Bauer. “We’ve also added stairs to enable easier access to the mezzanine level, so the maintenance crews can have quicker, safer access to components on the mezzanine level, behind the coils and other areas.”

More than this, JBT has improved hygienic features across the CleanFREEZE, minimizing overlapping surfaces throughout its open-profile framework, and adopting capless rails. 

Customers will be able to learn firsthand about the CleanFREEZE at IPPE 2022, the International Production & Processing Expo, which takes place in Atlanta GA from January 25-27, 2022, where JBT will be highlighting its commitment to customers: “We’re with you, right down the line”™.

JBT will be exhibiting at IPPE 2022 in Atlanta GA from January 25-27 in Booths C12743 and C12943 at the Georgia World Congress Center. 

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The DSI Waterjet: cutting out obstacles to protein profits


Reduce labor and improve yield with innovative automated solutions from the DSI™ team at JBT. These systems – on display at IPPE 2022 – trim, slice and optimally portion poultry, beef, pork, plant-based protein, fish and even bakery products; in the process cutting out obstacles to having a profitable protein business.

DSI Portioning Systems employ machine vision technologies to scan food products and determine product shape, weight, and fat; preplanning and optimizing each piece for maximum value before the first servo-driven automated cuts take place. DSI systems cut with high pressure waterjets, horizontal blades, and vertical blades to maximize yield processor profit. 

More Solutions More Efficiently
JBT will display and demonstrate the DSI 800 S series Waterjet Portioning System at the International Production & Processing Expo (IPPE) in Atlanta GA from January 25-27, 2022. The DSI display will highlight the latest advances in high-yield waterjet portioning as well as an efficient and rugged new intensifier pump technology proprietary to JBT that uses 40% less power to deliver 4000 or 6000 bar water pressure. 

High-Yield Adaptive 3D Portioning (A3D)
The DSI 800 Series Portioning System is complemented by the DSI Adaptive Slicer 3D™ to achieve high-yield portioning of large-bird input product. The system combines waterjet cutting with intelligent horizontal slicing to achieve three-dimensional portioning. The new Adaptive slicer features wider lanes and improved systems to adapt to shape and size variation of incoming product to maximize yield.

“With the A3D system we have the ability to portion double weight product to template on the waterjet and then we intelligently horizontally slice the product to generate a top and bottom portion,” explains Dave Faires, DSI Director of Applications and Portioning Segment Leader. “For some applications we achieve six or eight shape-and-weight controlled portions from the original input product.”

JBT DSI Dual Robot Harvester

Labor Saving Solutions
The DSI portfolio includes labor reducing solutions for poultry processors serving quick service restaurants or retail products. The popular DSI Dual Robot Harvesting System (DRH) (pictured above) reduces the labor required to separate portions from value added elements of the portioning process such as nuggets, chunks or strips bound for downstream bulk processing such as marination. 

The latest innovation in the portfolio is a proven and exclusive solution for net weight packing and tray packing and high speed sorting or “calibrating” of fillets. JBT is introducing the proven Robotgrader system, updated and tuned for the needs of the North American market under an exclusive distribution agreement. This automated system scans product to determine shape and orientation, weighs the product in motion, and then robotically picks and places product according to maximum value at the highest production rate available in the least space required for such a solution. 

“All four DSI solutions will be on display at the expo, alongside a video kiosk demonstrating our applications and our JBT remote support and IoT solution, called iOPS,” Faires adds.

JBT will be exhibiting at IPPE 2022 in Atlanta GA from January 25-27 in Booths C12743 and C12943 at the Georgia World Congress Center. 

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JBT launches new DSI™ 800 SE Portioner Series 

DSI Waterjet_chicken_stockphoto

JBT debuts in Helsingborg Sweden the New DSI 800 SE Waterjet Portioning System delivering superior mist capture and 40% lower energy consumption. This new variant of the industry leading DSI 800 S series waterjet portioning system is designed for the needs of European – and the Middle East Region – protein processors.

A new and proprietary design removes the mist created by the waterjets to achieve challenging shelf-life performance targets for retail and food service products. JBT has added new labor-saving applications such as trimming of thigh meat for retail sale and continued to perfect applications such as weight + dimension-controlled products for QSR’s.

JBT’s ability to improve yields by combining burgers, strips and nuggets with the shape that QSR’s are looking for, all in a single pass system, is only available in a DSI Waterjet Portioner. This is not limited to poultry applications but includes red meat, pork and plant based applications as well!


Lower energy consumption is achieved with a bespoke, exclusive servo pump design that has been ruggedized and sized for the DSI System to meet the needs of meat processing facilities. The servo drive system replaces hydraulics and reduces utility requirements which makes automation easier to implement as smaller facilities with lower-amp service availability move to automate their portioning processes.

Customers new to automated systems with small maintenance teams having minimum automated systems experience have proven the servo pump system is easy to operate and maintain. The DSI 800 SE is available with 2,4,6 or 8 cutters and can be expanded in capacity over a weekend. The highly versatile 8-cutter DSI System, called the 888 SE, achieves the highest throughput per square meter of floor space available in the industry for typical handheld and retail fillet sizes at the lowest sound pressure levels. The new servo pump is available in 4000 and 6000 bar maximum pressure configurations with single, dual or triple heads to match the number and size of cutters in use. 

DSI Waterjet_chicken fillets_stockphoto

“Our first European installation of this new servo pump this summer has been a major success! The customer is already in discussions to order an additional system,” states Roger Bosson, DSI™ EMEA Business unit Manager who leads the commercial and Customer Care teams for DSI in Europe from the JBT Food Technology Center in Helsingborg, Sweden where a 4-cutter DSI 844 SE is being demonstrated for customers.

“DSI has served portioning customers in Europe and the Middle East for over 25 years,” Roger added.  “Visits to those customers are aligned with JBT strategy which leads to continuous innovation and advancement of the DSI product portfolio that includes waterjet portioning and trimming, fixed-position high-capacity horizontal slicing, adaptive slicing for maximum yield, blade portioning, inspection systems up to 1000 mm wide and sorting and the new, hot selling integrated automated portion harvesting system that further reduces labor in the portioning process and can improve yield.” 


The DSI Customer Care system is backed by the JBT warehouse in Helsingborg with on-line portioner and pump diagnostic support available as well as a growing team in regional service professionals and applications experts 24/7. JBT is investing in the expansion of this support network to keep up with the growing installation base and sales demand. The JBT iOPS® System is available with DSI Systems to provide product and machine health data analytics, predictive maintenance and support of Industry 4.0 advancements. Customers have the option to receive monthly DSI software updates at no charge to benefit from the ever-expanding applications library of DSI Q-LINK™ Portioning Software. 

Contact Roger Bosson HERE to schedule a product demonstration to begin yield, throughput, and product quality testing.

JBT MEPSCO: setting the pace for injector solutions

Go to any supermarket or delicatessen to buy a meat product, whether that be hams, chicken or steaks, and the expectation will be a fresh, flavorful eating experience, but behind that product there is a great deal of technology; much of the best from JBT. Typically used to add brine to meats, injection equipment is a key element of the meat processing chain, and are one in which food safety and effectiveness are crucial to their success.

JBT Injection Equipment lead the way in the controlled injection of bone-in or boneless meat, as well as featuring a tenderizer head for boneless meat. 

For the poultry industry, the MEPSCO ULTRACAT, Junior ULTRACAT and Double Head Injector & Tenderizer offer uniform distribution, best moisture retention, and superior piece-to-piece accuracy compared with competitor systems. Meanwhile, Schröder/Wolf-tec IMAX injectors, designed and manufactured with German precision, have become the industry standard for performance, consistency, and reliability for bone-in and boneless injection, and marination, for deli meats and poultry. 

JBT Wolf-Tec IMAX Injector Needles

“The injector needles are used to infuse liquid back into the meat because you want it to be juicy as if it was fresh,” explains JBT Customer Care Business Development Manager, Humberto Hernandez. “You put the meat in one end, set-up the needles – up to 750 at a time – and there is a pump which injects brine to add flavor.” This can cover everything from hams, bacons and briskets to chicken breasts, whole chickens and steaks, Hernandez continues; in fact just about any meat product that can be found in a deli outlet.

Safety first
Of course when dealing with injecting liquids into both bone-in and boneless meat products, food safety is of the utmost concern, especially given the immense hazard that broken needle parts could pose. In the case of JBT injector systems, the needles are fused and forged to the machine using tempered steel for extra strength and resistance. 


“In the case of some competitors, the needles are just welded, which carry the risk of breaking off and can cause a lot of problems down the line, not just in terms of company reputation, but they can also represent a food safety hazard,” cautions Hernandez. “The main benefits of using this system is that it gives flavor by adding liquid to the products. At the safe time, it is simple and safe because the JBT Injector Needles use high quality, tempered steel which won’t break off during the process.”

Hernandez estimates that between 60-70% of meat sold via grocery retail outlets is injected with brine. The remainder is tumbled or massaged; also solutions offered by JBT.

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