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Labor-saving weighing and packing: meet the RobotGrader

Seeking a solution to labor shortages when it comes to grading, weighing, and packing chicken fillets and other protein products? The RobotGrader is the automated, high-speed, high-precision solution that does it all. Now available to customers in North America through JBT, the RobotGrader has been developed to grade products of varying weight and pack a fixed weight straight into the package, helping eliminate unnecessary manual labor in the process.

Fast and efficient in handling a variety of products from drumsticks to thighs, the system weighs, scans, sorts and packs into required tray sizes, as well as calculating the best combination of pieces to reach the target pack weight every time.

Speed and precision
Much more compact than a belt grader system and with significant hygienic benefits, the RobotGrader make use of a vision-only grading system similar to that seen in DSI equipment, and also comes with the option of an additional belt weighdeck.

According to DSI Product Manager, Alec Hewitt, the RobotGrader weighs and picks items for placement and is equally effective for bulk grading as it is for individual chicken fillets. 


“The RobotGrader is designed for tray packing in addition to grading products: it will take a product, scan and weight it, and even pick what tray it is going to go into,” he explains. 

“Let’s say a customer wants every tray to weigh 1lb and the piece moving through doesn’t meet that target. The RobotGrader will spread the product out until it finds another piece of the right weight that makes up the 1lb. The amount of speed and precision Robot Grader can maintain is really quite astonishing when you see it in person.”

Streamlining labor
JBT and Gothenburg, Sweden-based Robotgrader AB signed a formal distribution agreement in October 2021 for JBT to become the official distributor in North America, and since then have been working to get the RobotGrader ready for the North American market, says Hewitt.


In particular, Hewitt says the RobotGrader will allow North American customers to take advantage of the Net Weight Packaging system, which has attracted widespread uptake in Europe. The key advantage of the system, he explains, is that is eliminates a great deal of backroom labor for both the supplier and the end customer by removing the need for fillets or other products to be weighed and labelled in-store. 

A proven technology, there are RobotGraders installed with a wide range of food industry customers covering Europe and the Middle East, in countries including Norway, Spain, Germany, the Netherlands, the Czech Republic, Croatia, and Saudi Arabia.

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JBT Dry-Fry : des plats réconfortants plus sains sans sacrifier leur goût 

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La friture comporte incontestablement des avantages en termes de goût, de croquant et d’expérience culinaire, mais avec les nouvelles tendances de consommation de produits plus sains et plus vertueux envers l’environnement, la demande d’alternatives plus faibles en matières grasses a augmenté. En réponse, de nombreux transformateurs alimentaires recherchent activement des moyens pour proposer des produits plus sains sans sacrifier leur goût.

Pour aider les industriels dans cette démarche, JBT a mis au point le système Dry-Fry, une méthode de friture unique, innovante et plus saine qui permet de conserver un goût attractif tout en éliminant les effets secondaires indésirables de la friture.

Conçu pour obtenir une large gamme d’aliments plus sains tout en conservant le goût et l’aspect de la friture, le système Dry-Fry utilise jusqu’à 50% d’huile en moins pour cuire les produits panés et enrobés, mais aussi les boulettes de viande ou les protéines végétales. Plus important encore, le Dry-Fry permet d’utiliser une gamme beaucoup plus large d’ingrédients de friture, y compris des alternatives plus saines comme l’huile d’olive, qui ne conviennent pas à la friture.

Une ligne complète
Le Dry-Fry est un processus complet qui comprend la ligne d’enrobage Stein Ultra V, un système de pulvérisation d’huile entièrement contrôlable, le four en continu Double D Revoband, un four optionnel pour la cuisson complète du produit, et le surgélateur ou refroidisseur à spirale GYRoCOMPACT Frigoscandia. Le système élimine la phase de pré-friture tout en utilisant des quantités d’huile contrôlées et considérablement réduites, produisant ainsi des produits plus sains et plus faibles en matières grasses qui conservent néanmoins le goût et la texture du produit frit.

“Le Dry-Fry est une alternative plus saine à la friture, non seulement car il utilise moins d’huile, mais aussi parce qu’il permet d’utiliser des ingrédients tels que l’huile d’olive et la margarine qui ne conviennent pas à la friture”, explique Bart Kivits, responsable des applications d’enrobage-panage et cuisson chez JBT. “Un autre avantage est l’économie d’huile, qui permet de réduire de manière significative les coûts d’exploitation.”

Une alternative plus saine
Le Dry-Fry fait partie de la gamme de solutions ‘’Healthier Cooking‘’ de JBT, qui vise à aider nos clients à tirer parti de l’intérêt croissant des consommateurs pour des habitudes alimentaires plus saines, notamment sur le marché en plein essor des protéines à base de plantes et des alternatives à la viande. “Les consommateurs sont de plus en plus informés sur l’alimentation et beaucoup plus disposés à essayer de nouvelles choses et à payer le prix fort s’ils pensent que c’est bon pour eux”, ajoute M. Kivits.

La gamme comprend également le cuiseur par contact JBT Formcook et le cuiseur combiné JBT Formcook, qui utilisent des innovations comme le mouvement continu des produits sur des bandes en téflon ou la cuisson par transfert de chaleur à l’air et à la vapeur.

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Labor-saving: why JBT solutions can help Japan’s processors

The problem of labor shortages is one facing many developed countries, but in Japan – where over 65s now account for some 30% of the population – the problem is now particularly acute, with the nation said to be short of more than 600,000 workers. Technology offers one solution, and JBT is highlighting innovative, labor-saving systems at FOOMA 2022, Japan’s international food industry exhibition, which runs until June 10.

Visitors to the JBT booth in the Tokyo Big Sight exhibition center will have a chance to see how semi- and fully-automatic machines are helping Japanese protein processors cope with staff shortages, while helping improve both efficiency and hygiene. 

Innovative portioning
One such solution is the DSI Waterjet Portioning System, a precision machine for intense, high-accuracy cuts, which uses a next generation scanner for effortless all-in-one fat trimming, weight-based portioning, and nugget generation. Designed for high volume portioning, the DSI Waterjet Portioning System gives processors the ability to mix and match products and orders on any given day.

Optimizing efficiency
Similarly, the Frigoscandia GYRoCOMPACT 70 Spiral Freezer, the latest in the best-selling range of GYRoCOMPACT freezers, features a 100% cleanable, open-profile self-stacking spiral design, including an improved FRIGoBELT® Nova for optimizing efficiency, capacity and layout flexibility.

The GYRoCOMPACT 70 also features significant environmental improvements, including an increased capacity of up to 20% over a smaller space and a reduction in oil consumption of as much as 75%.

For end-of-the-line packaging, JBT Proseal offers an extensive range of manual, semi-automatic and fully-automatic tray sealing machines with throughputs from 6 to 240 packs per minute. In addition, all tray sealing machines in Proseal’s range are capable of modified atmosphere packaging.

JBT will be exhibiting at FOOMA 2022 in Booth 6C-55, Hall 6 at Tokyo Big Site, Japan until June 10.

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JBT’s GYRoCOMPACT: fresh solutions for Brazil’s bakers

Rising demand for convenience food products, economic growth and shelf-life extension along with other factors are primary factors boosting the global frozen bread market. In fact, the market is experiencing consistently strong growth of around 4.3% every year. JBT’s range of hygenic, efficient spiral freezers are ideally placed to support such growth, particularly in growing markets such as Latin America.

Frozen bakery products are increasingly becoming an integral part of the daily diet around the world. Busy lifestyles have contributed to the growth of the bread manufacturing industry and an increasing emphasis on producing new products that can cater to the rise in demand from consumers. The increase in consumption of frozen bakery products is also being strongly echoed in the emerging markets of Asia Pacific and Latin America.

Like many other countries, Brazil is experiencing strong growth in frozen bakery products, whose worth is expected to exceed $26 billion in 2022, according to Caio Guillen, JBT’s Marketing Manager for South America.

JBT will be highlighting its entire portfolio focused on this segment at FIPAN 2022, Latin America’s largest bakery and confectionery trade exhibition, from 19-22 July in São Paulo’s Expo Center Norte. 

Showcasing benefits
Innovation in products and processes has been the main focus of the industry, which has sought even greater and broader professionalization, with investments in larger-scale production lines, with a high degree of automation and technology, guaranteeing products of the highest quality and food safety to the end consumer, says Fabio Viegas, Sales Manager at JBT in Brazil.

FIPAN 2022, an event which brings together some of the largest bakery processors in the country alongside other bakeries and confectioners, will provide JBT with an opportunity to showcase its complete portfolio of solutions dedicated to this segment. These include proofing, chilling, freezing, and baking systems designed to efficiently and reliably produce a variety of safe, attractive bakery and confectionery products.

Unrivalled savings
One of the solutions that will be presented is the GYRoCOMPACT® Spiral Freezer Series, which offers state-of-the-art innovations in continuous freezing. Offered in different models, the GYRoCOMPACT can serve companies from large to small, delivering reliability, consistency, food safety, energy and space savings, quick installation and easy relocation, among other incomparable advantages.

The GYRoCOMPACT 60 delivers amazing energy savings compared with previous versions, including a 65% reduction in drive power usage. This version generally serves lines with a capacity of 2000 to 3000Kg/h.

The recently launched GYRoCOMPACT 70 meanwhile features significant advances in food safety, performance and space optimization, including increased capacity of up to 20% on a smaller space, an enhanced hygienic design and a reduction in oil consumption of up to 75%. Generally offered for lines with a capacity from 3000 to 5000Kg/h.

For smaller bakers, the GYRoCOMPACT 40 – capable of freezing capacities of 1,000 kg per hour – is the most compact spiral freezer ever made, featuring unrivalled energy efficiency savings and an emphasis on hygiene by design.

JBT will be exhibiting at FIPAN 2022 at Expo Center Note, São Paulo, Brazil from July 19-22.

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