For fish and seafood processors, in common with customers across protein industries, rapidly rising gas prices have made apparently cheaper freezing options very costly. But how to beat the gas price-crisis while maintaining a product that’s superior in both quality and appearance? 

JBT’s Frigoscandia ADVANTEC™ Impingement Freezer, which will be just one of JBT’s freezer solutions highlighted at Seafood Processing Global 2022 in Barcelona, Spain from April 26-28, brings together the running cost advantages of the best mechanical freezers with significant quality and appearance benefits. 

Long-term gains
Liquid Nitrogen prices in Europe have soared in 2021-22, with the increase putting pressure on companies using cryogenic – or gas-based – freezers.

“Although cryogenic freezers have a lower initial investment cost than mechanical freezers, there’s a high running cost for the gas, and this is especially true at the moment,” explains Martin Andersson, JBT’s Application Manager for Value Stream Spiral Freezers. “With a mechanical system like the ADVANTEC freezer, there is a bigger investment at the start, but companies reach a break-even point within a few years, at which point it becomes considerably cheaper.”

Smoother processing
In the case of fish and other seafood, the freezing process itself is not without its challenges, and this is another area where the ADVANTEC offers a distinct advantage. “If you freeze thinner products like fish, you want them to come out without wrinkles,” says Andersson. “With our knowhow and experience we know how to get you the best product appearance.”

Andersson says the ADVANTEC can also be combined for effective glazing. “Almost all seafood is glazed; you need to put some water on it, so the surface doesn’t dry out,” he explains. Fish can quickly become rancid on just the surface but it spoils the product, so you want to glaze. We can assist the customers to find the right solutions and we can do tests for them in our lab to make sure they get the end results they want.”

Reliable solutions
“At JBT, we have very reliable and hygienic freezing solutions that keep customers’ businesses running as they should,” Andersson adds. “If you choose the wrong freezer or process, you can end up with a poor or dry product quality. Whereas, with the ADVANTEC impingement freezer, you will get a juicier and fresher product.” 

JBT will be exhibiting in Booth 3GG201 at Seafood Processing Global 2022 in Barcelona, Spain from April 26-28, 2022.

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