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Sustainability: helping customers meet goals at CFIA 2022

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JBT’s ability to provide sustainable production solutions will be one of the key messages delivered to customers at CFIA 2022, the annual France-based trade exhibition, which takes place in Rennes from March 8-10, 2022. More than this, JBT will highlight tailored systems for plant-based foods; enabling processors to take advantage of a trend that is increasing in importance across Europe.

Interest in becoming more sustainable combined with the necessity to achieve energy savings has grown substantially across France and indeed all of Europe over recent years, driven by consumers and processors alike. 

One of the main themes of JBT’s participation at CFIA will be the ability to deliver carbon-free production in the form of the new Electric TwinDrum™ Oven; a solution which gives processors the opportunity to use sustainable energy sources. Another key element of the JBT sustainability strategy is a focus on achieving greater capacity within a smaller factory footprint. A key example of this strategy is the Frigoscandia GYRoCOMPACT GC70; a solution which promotes improved sustainability by boosting capacity within a smaller space. 

Offering a new way to heat: the JBT Stein electric TwinDrum oven

Plant-based foods is another significant trend within the French market, with an ever increasing amount of enquiries for meat alternatives, according to Philippe Barillet, JBT’s Sales Manager for France and Belgium. “I would estimate between 50-70% of our customers are looking for at least one plant-based alternative, he says. 

To help customers find the plant-based solution which functions best for them, Barillet says JBT works closely with customers at its global Research & Technology Centres

Bringing all this together is JBT’s unrivalled cloud-based performance optimization platform iOPS, a secure big data analytics technology that gathers and analyzes JBT equipment and process performance in real time. “iOPS gathers together data from all connected machines and can deliver production and service data directly to customer’s phone,” Barillet adds.

JBT will be exhibiting at CFIA 2022 in Rennes, France from March 8-10, 2022 at Stand #B7, Hall 7 at the Parc Expo, Rennes Airport

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Air frying: the simple solution to deliver lower-fat products

What is air frying and why does it matter? Air frying is essentially a simple concept – with high velocity jets of air used to completely or partially cook products – but is one that offers significant health benefits to consumers as it uses a fraction of the oil required by conventional cooking. For processors, air fryers offer savings on oil usage and the benefit of being able to deliver foods that cater to demand for lower-fat meal options.

With consumer awareness of healthy eating seemingly ever growing and government regulations worldwide pushing for lower fat products, air frying offers a win-win: a concept that meets both consumer and regulatory demands for low-fat foods.

High-velocity results
Two such solutions that are leading the way in air frying are JBT’s Stein JSO Jet Stream Oven and the JBT Double D Revoband Continuous Protein Oven

The JSO Jet Stream Oven is the industry’s most successful high velocity, vertical airflow, linear impingement style convection oven, which makes use of Patented Jet Stream impingement airflow to ensure unsurpassed cooking uniformity and excellent color development. Utilizing high velocity vertical jets of hot air to impinge the entirety of a product, the JSO’s high-speed cooking times means it can handle more pounds per hour than any other convection oven.

In a similar vein, the Double D Revoband Continuous Protein Oven uses precisely controlled vertical hot air directed at the product from above and below the belt for low-oil cooking. This combination of continuous automatic high volume processing with accurate temperature and airflow control helps achieve high product yields. Further, the Continuous Protein Oven features a unique combination of flexibility and control for excellent results on a wide range of products from bone-in poultry to steamed vegetables.

Healthier frying
“People are getting more and more familiar with the advantages of using air fryers,” says Bart Kivits, JBT Manager for Coating and Cooking Applications. “Using air frying, you can cook products, such as chicken nuggets at home using a lot less oil. JBT takes a product that you would air fry at home and treats in a similar way but on an industrial scale.”

By spraying a product with a reduced amount of oil and then subjecting it to high-velocity, high temperature air jets, Kivits says the systems provided by the Jetstream Oven and the Continuous Protein Oven offer a tastier and healthier way of frying and guarantee a healthier end product. 

“If a product is deep fried in a factory and the customer uses air frying to finish it at home, it will still have the same amount of oil and fat,” explains Kivits. “In contrast, if you prepare a product at the processing stage using air frying it will already have a lot less fat, enabling consumers to heat a low-fat product using their air fryer at home.”

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Short of labor for netting and bagging? Try the TN3004

Worldwide demand for food products like turkeys, hams, and chickens has remained steady but the supply of labor has decreased. Automation is the solution for filling the labor shortage. JBT Tipper Tie’s clipping and packaging systems offer an automated solution helping to keep production lines running in a world where processors have suffered from lack of labor.

Tipper Tie’s recently introduced TN3004 is a next generation automated packaging system ideal for traditional netted products like whole turkeys, and spiral-sliced hams but also for netting turkey breasts, bone-in or boneless hams, briskets, and even mortadella. The TN3004 will automatically net an overwrap or finished net onto a product with the minimum of operator intervention. More than that, the system will also weigh the product before printing its weight, price and barcode and automatically attaching the price tag as well as creating a handle. 

Complete solution
“The nice thing about the TN3004 is the operator simply places the product onto a conveyor, it’s weighed, and then all of that information is printed out. The product is netted, a handle created, and a tag applied so everything is ready for sale in a grocery store,” explains JBT Tipper Tie’s Director of Product Management, Conrad Faust. 

The greatness of the TN3004 is it carries out all these steps in a single process, says Faust. Enabling even more automation and flexibility, the system is available in left and right oriented versions, which not only means the TN3004 can be easily adapted to different layouts, but allows for the placing of two machines together for greater productivity under a sole operator.

Overcoming shortages
Greater automation is a significant and increasing trend in the US and around the world driven by labor shortages and exacerbated by the challenges of the Covid-19 pandemic. “It’s very difficult for our customers to source and maintain labor, and the pandemic has aggravated these issues and concerns,” says Faust. “Automated solutions like the TN3004 can free-up labor to focus on more value-added tasks like improving your bottom dollar.”

Smart automation
However, Tipper Tie’s innovation doesn’t end there. Tipper Tie has also released their new RLW Rucker to further enhance the productivity of the TN3004. This makes refilling the netting on your TN3000 series chutes faster, safer, and more reliable. This is just another way in which JBT Tipper Tie is with you right down the line. 

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JBT Tipper Tie will be exhibiting at the Anuga 2022 in Cologne, Germany from April 26-29, and at IFFA 2022 in Frankfurt, Germany from May 14-19, 2022 

Small but perfectly formed: the GC40 gains momentum

What’s the best freezer option for a start-up? Cost-effective and compact are two words that would spring to mind, but also efficiency and Return on Investment. JBT’s Frigoscandia GYRoCOMPACT® 40 (GC40) self-stacking spiral freezer is the most compact, hygienic and efficient spiral freezer ever made, and crucially it’s a system that comes with all the same winning JBT features of a larger machine.

Of course when it comes to the initial investment, cryogenic freezing may at first appear tempting, but soaring energy prices have affected the production of liquid nitrogen worldwide, meaning an apparently cheaper option could turn out to be significantly more expensive. Perhaps this is one of the reasons the GC40 experienced a substantial sales increase in the second half of 2021 as customers sought more cost-effective alternatives. 

Complete package
But what is it that makes the GC40 special? Well, although small – as the name suggests – the GC40 is capable of freezing capacities of up to 1,000 kg/hour; a substantial amount for its size, explains JBT’s Director of Value Stream & Global Product Line for Spiral Freezers, Torbjörn Persson. “The GC40 is aimed at start-ups or companies moving from using cryogenics for freezing,” he says. “Energy has crept up in most parts of the world, and liquid nitrogen is now really expensive to produce and use.”

This is where the GC40 fits in: for smaller companies or companies converting from cryogenics, the GC40 is packaged in one piece, it’s relatively simple to set-up and has all the latest hygienic features expected from JBT. Extremely compact at only 6.5 meters long and 2.4 metres wide, the GC40 freezer can also be as low as 2.9 metres high (depending on required capacity).

“The GC40 is compact, very efficient and built to the latest standards, and even though it’s small, you still have the same features you would have on a larger machine, including Clean-In-Place (CIP),” continues Persson.

Higher capacity
So what are some of the built-in benefits of the GC40? As well as unrivalled energy efficiency and freezer power consumption, the machine features the unique FRIGoBELT® Nova self-stacking belt that forms a closed freezing zone to eliminate the risk of products moving by horizontal airflow. Meanwhile the FRIGoDRIVE® system removes the need for a center drum with no supports or rails to cause jamming. Hygiene-by-design also takes priority in the GC40 with an open profile design to minimize dirt traps and the removal of stationary parts in the belt stack to enable simpler cleaning.

Crucially, the CG40 also features 35%-40% higher capacity than any similar competitor model. Small wonder then that the freezer saw a surge of sales in late 2021. “The GC40 was built to serve smaller processors, some who are just starting up and others who are converting from liquid hydrogen,” Persson adds. “We’ve seen some customers skipping the liquid nitrogen and going straight to mechanical.”

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