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Healthy eating has over recent years emerged as a key trend shaping food buying and dining habits across the Middle East region, with consumers and restauranteurs alike seeking new cooking options for chicken, meat, fish and other meals. JBT is ideally poised to benefit from this trend with healthy cooking solutions that enable processors to deliver products that retain all the flavor and juiciness consumers expect.

Set to be highlighted at Gulfood Manufacturing from November 7-9 2021 in Dubai, JBT’s unique healthy cooking line can contain a combination of several different value-adding systems, including the Formcook Contact Cooker for pre-oven product sealing, the airjet-powered Double D Revoband Continuous Protein Oven and the Double D Chargrill & Bar Marker, the solution for adding extra color, flavor and juiciness to chicken and steaks.

“Our unique cooking line offers very good value for customers, increasing yield by between 3-5%, developing color and delivering a uniform, consistent cooking time,” explains JBT’s Regional Director for the Middle East & Africa, Rabie Rawand. “There is increasing demand in the Middle East for roasted, healthy, non-fried products, and we have the right combination to support and meet customer requirements.”

Winning combination
“When you watch any cooking program on TV, you will find that before the chef puts the piece of meat in the oven, they will put it in a fryer with batter to seal the product, so it doesn’t lose its juiciness in the oven,” Rawand continues. “And this is what we are doing for the industry: we pass the meat or chicken through the teflon-coated Contact Cooker to seal the product, so that when it is cooked in the main oven it retains its water and juice.” 

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“These are cooking lines for non-coated, healthy products,” says Rawand. “Catering and quick-service restaurants want to have a good market share and to do that, you have to have a good cooking line.”

In a demanding market for high-quality products, with a fast-growing quick service restaurant industry, JBT’s innovative solutions have been continuing to find favor with companies large and small, largely thanks to the systems’ ability to deliver consistent results, Rawand adds. “Customers and consumers in the Middle East appreciate quality rather than being price conscious, and this has created a very positive opportunity for JBT,” he concludes.

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JBT will be exhibiting at Gulfood Manufacturing 2021 from November 7-9 in the Dubai World Trade Centre in Hall 4, Booth D4 – 52.