Gizzard processing can be a great profit source, but doing it right has its challenges, both in terms of labor and worker safety. A new, free Webinar from JBT-Prime Equipment Group on December 10 at 3 p.m. will look at how JBT solutions help conquer both challenges, while boosting yield in the process.

The webinar, “Be a Gizzard Wizard With New Innovations To Process Safely And Efficiently,” will detail how processors can re-deploy gizzard labor elsewhere in a plant and also improve worker safety by eliminating access to peeler rollers on traditional re-work tables. 

“This solution represents a huge step forward in worker safety,” explains JBT-Prime Equipment’s Director of Marketing and Product Integration, Grant Parsons. “If you’re still removing excess gizzard lining on peeler-roller tables, you’ll definitely want to tune into this webinar.

JBT-Prime Equipment’s system comprises the GM-10000 Gizzard Processor, which can cut and clean up to 10,000 gizzards per hour, and the GR-TT Gizzard Re-Peeler for sorting and returning any gizzards to peeling machinery if any of the inner yellow lining has been missed.

“Removing the yellow lining manually can compromise worker safety,” Parsons says. “But the GR-TT Re-Peeler eliminates the danger entirely by removing the possibility of workers coming into contact with peeler-rollers.”

The solution has already been successfully implemented by gizzard processors in the US and Brazil, providing a safe, effective and profitable solution to gizzard processing. 

The JBT-Prime Equipment Group Gizzard Webinar will be held on 10 December at 3 PM EST.

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