JBT is launching the first in a series of free webinars on November 12 with an informational session looking at how to efficiently track – and remove from the system when necessary – chicken paws during processing.

Especially valuable for customers exporting to China, where chicken paws fetch good prices as culinary staples, the webinar will provide information on what you need to know for efficient, regulatory-compliant chicken paw processing.

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Under U.S. regulations, chicken carcasses must be inspected during processing, and those found deficient removed from the line – along with the paws. But since paws are usually separated from the bird prior to the inspection point, it’s crucial to effectively remove the correct paws. Proper paw rejection is not only key to improving processing across a facility, it can also open the door for paw exports to the China market.


The Chicken Paw Tracking Webinar will examine efficient and cost-effective tools from JBT Prime Equipment that can make this objective a reality, with the MARS Paw Tracking and Recovery System.

“If you are processing paws, or considering getting more money for chicken paws by exporting, you will want to see this webinar,” says JBT Prime Equipment Director of Marketing & Product Integration Grant Parsons. “More and more customers are looking to export paws to China, but in order to do that they have to be sure deficient paws are being rejected during processing. This system enables you to do just that, but also gives you the means of monitoring your line so you can improve its efficiency.”

The JBT-Prime Equipment Group Chicken Paw Tracking Webinar is set for November 12 at 3 p.m. Eastern.

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