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New Proseal analysis platform maximizes production efficiencies

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JBT’s tray sealing specialist Proseal has launched an advanced automated platform that captures and analyzes valuable machine data to improve the efficiency and performance of the entire production line. The new Proseal ProVision™ system enables companies to maximize the benefits of Industry 4.0 and the fully automated factory.

Using cutting edge technology, the web-based analysis platform has been developed for Proseal’s GTe and GTs range of tray sealing machines to help identify and understand the causes of downtime and other inefficiencies, in order to maximize the production capacity of the tray sealer and increase overall equipment effectiveness. Importantly, ProVision can also be easily integrated with existing third party equipment to accurately deliver information and drive improvements throughout the whole production line.

Proseal tray sealing ProVision laptop machine line_small

ProVision’s easy to use reporting tools can be used to generate advanced reports that inspect machine data and compare historical performance analysis over any given time. This helps to identify any line inefficiencies and pinpoint factors that may affect productivity in terms of both personnel and operating procedures. Additionally, data patterns can be monitored to identify root causes of problems which could otherwise be hard to diagnose.

The versatile ProVision can be viewed on any web-enabled device, including a PC, smartphone and smart TV. The Live View function allows real time and remote performance monitoring, enabling operators to work away from the line and efficiently operate multiple machines, allowing engineers to check on machine performance and provide timely interventions if any problems are detected.

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ProVision is offered at no extra cost to all new Proseal GTe and GTs machines that are supplied with an Ewon device to allow internet connection. As part of Proseal’s futureproofing of its equipment, updated software and Ewon devices can be retrofitted to pre-existing GTe and GTs machines. In addition, a scaled down version of the platform, ProVision Lite, has been devised to deliver many of ProVision’s key benefits, to older legacy machines. 

“The development of our new Industry 4.0 advanced analysis platform demonstrates Proseal’s commitment to technological innovation,” says Rob Watson, Proseal Control Systems Manager. “ProVision offers benefits to all levels of factory personnel, from managers and engineers to line supervisors and operators, delivering invaluable, fine-detailed performance data that will help production lines to operate consistently at maximum efficiency.”

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A&B Process Systems receives safety award from ConstructSecure

JBT’s A&B Process Systems has been recognized by ConstructSecure as one of their Safest Contractors & Vendors. A&B received the Platinum Safety Award for scoring greater than 95% in the safety assessment administered by ConstructSecure.

The award from ConstructSecure, a global SaaS company that prequalifies contractors and vendors for corporations that have stringent safety requirements, is based on an assessment of current safety management systems and incident rates.   

“Our associates really get it and are on board with our culture of safety,” said Bill Thompson, A&B’s HSE Manager. “Our associates continue to go the extra mile in their daily work to help prevent safety incidents and this award is a testament to their dedication to safety.


“Our team members do a great job of preventing incidents from occurring.  If they see a potential risk, they report it as a near miss right away and it is addressed immediately. We truly appreciate everyone’s dedication to being as safe as possible.”

Scott Raether, Director of Operations for A&B, added: “We have an incredible group of dedicated employees who believe that zero injuries are expected. We pay attention to little details and truly look out for each other. Awards are terrific, but what’s more rewarding is the knowledge that our employees are acting safely and contribute to a safe place to work.”

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JBT Protein North America launches Customer Care Hotline


JBT Protein North America is excited to announce the establishment of a dedicated hotline to provide customers direct access to JBT’s best-in-class service technicians: 1-800-JBT-4YOU. The single, easy-to-remember number will act as a single source for customer care and direct access to service technicians familiar with JBT equipment and machines, providing direct, remote support in the moment of need.

In January, JBT announced JBT Protein North America’s enhanced customer-first mindset, which elevates our customer care model to put customers at the center of every project — from installation to preventative maintenance. The first initiative in this enhanced model was creating centralized teams and having detailed conversations with our customers.


“In these conversations, JBT asked how we can best support customers and be a partner to help maximize uptime,” says Augusto Rizzolo, VP Customer Care for JBT Protein North America. “Customers told us they need service and support to be easy – one place to go where they know they can reach the right person to help with their operations, and they need a response quickly. 1-800-JBT-4YOU is our answer to all of customer care questions.”


“When the COVID-19 pandemic struck and onsite service was impacted, we had the opportunity to test this centralized hotline to better support our customers,” continues Rizzolo. “The feedback has been extremely positive, and we are excited that this will be an ongoing service for all customers with an easy-to-remember number: 1-800-JBT-4YOU.”

At JBT, we work hard to earn customer trust and loyalty by providing the products, service and support needed to keep businesses running smoothly. As always, we want to know if there’s anything we can do to help, so be sure to call us – 1-800-JBT-4YOU. 

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