Having access to effective, reliable – and economically-priced – sausage clipping machines is crucially important in keeping small and mid-sized processors functioning and profitable, and this is the concept behind the DCM and KDCM from JBT Tipper Tie, with the focus very much on delivering an efficient solution without breaking the budget.

German-built and designed machines, the semi-automatic systems have been developed to provide simple, precise solutions, which can help processors achieve substantial savings compared with standard table clippers. Less giveaway and more throughput are also key features of systems that deliver simple automation capable of boosting efficiencies and avoiding unnecessary wastage, according to Tipper Tie’s Conrad Faust.

“We call them semi-automatic machines because the operator physically closes the gate of the machine and the machine will automatically clip, cut and separate the product,” he explains. “It has a low entry price for our customers and it’s really versatile, especially if you are running high quality products or anything that’s delicate – the machine is very good for those products.

“It will run rings, straight products and a pretty large variety of different diameters, so for smaller customers, butchers and meat lockers where they don’t necessarily have big long steady runs, it’s the perfect machine for all different kinds of sausages. They are also best for natural casings which are very sensitive.”


The KDCM’s modern, digital display

Reliable results
Compared with a simple table clipper application, Faust describes the DCM and the KDCM as much faster, much more repeatable and more precise, and capable of far higher throughput and less giveaway. “These are simple, precise, reliable systems, and with the double clippers there are big savings versus a standard table clipper because you can use shirred casings instead of higher cost pre-clipped casings,” he says. “This increases output, decreases cost and reduces waste – all of it increasing productivity.”

Also available is the KDCMA, a fully automatic version of the KDCM, where the machine rather than the operator is driving production. “With the KDCMA, you get even more throughput without having to rely on the operator because it will automatically communicate with the stuffer and is capable of running much faster,” says Faust. “It has a sizing range of 25-120 mm, so we have a large variety of different diameters that can be run on it. Plus, it is excellent for sensitive and natural casings – that’s where it really excels.”

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