JBT Tipper Tie has made important system advances over the last 12 months, not least of which has been the development of the all-new SVU6800, which has been designed for the sizing and clipping of difficult-to-run whole muscle and large products, heavy hung smoked or dried sausages, and salami.

The fastest in its class, which can run up to 65 cycles per minute, the SVU6800 is capable of running products ranging from 50-200 mm, according to Tipper Tie’s Conrad Faust, who says the machine’s very robust design has been developed for maximum uptime, with long intervals between servicing. 

Smoked pork sausages hanging

“One of the ways you can actually see this is the size of our cam followers,” says Faust. “If you compare our cam followers with those of other manufacturers, ours are significantly larger at double or triple the size, resulting in significantly longer run times before you need to replace them. This is important because cam followers are often one of the limiting factors with sizing machines: you are always rebuilding because the cam followers have reached the end of their useful life.”

More efficient
The other principal design goal for the SVU6800, continues Faust, was to be able to handle large, whole muscle processing of hams, roast beef and other in-demand products where there was a need to cleanly separate through whole muscle for consistent length every time. 


Crucially, the SVU6800 is principally servo or permanent magnet motor driven, enabling the elimination of almost all the pneumatic cylinders and eliminating the pneumatic conveyor motor. The effect of this change, says Faust, has been to deliver a machine that is more efficient as well as being faster. 

“With the SVU6800 we have been able to reduce the number of electronic switches and sensors – which means we have reduced the potential for misaligned or failed sensors causing downtime,” he explains. “Thanks to the robust design of the SVU6800 and the elimination of unnecessary electronics in the washdown area, the reliability and uptime of the machine is improved.”

The SVU6800 is also available with up to 300 mm of air-free slack-fill for over-spreading for form-shaped products. “No corners were cut when designing and creating this solution,” Faust adds.

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