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Prime Equipment highlights yield, efficiency and safety improvements in poultry processing

Worker safety is always a concern in modern poultry processing plants, and one area where JBT-Prime Equipment Group offers a significant upgrade to worker safety is in gizzard processing. JBT’s Prime Equipment Group is now offering a system that takes care of splitting, cleaning and reprocessing chicken and turkey gizzards, without allowing access to blades or peeler-rollers, marking a significant safety upgrade for the industry.

This is just one of many new developments by Prime Equipment Group – one of the most recent additions to the JBT family – which specializes in first and second processing, covering everything from feather removal to cut-up and deboning, including skinning, wing segmenting and its industry-leading water re-use installations.


The AGP-T Automatic Gizzard Peeler (De-Liner)

Here’s a quick look at a few of the company’s solutions:

The latest version of Prime’s patented poultry skinner, the CSK-3, announced earlier this year, is the narrowest skinner on the market, and continues to use Prime’s patented skinning technology. Effective at removing skin from cut-up chicken including breast and thighs, the CSK-Series platform is the industry standard for skinning, now in a compact format to fit the tightest layout.

Water conservation and re-use is increasingly important for poultry processors, and Prime continues to lead the field since it assisted the USDA in writing the regulations allowing re-use in poultry plants more than two decades ago. Prime’s re-use technology can save many thousands of gallons per day, helping companies to meet sustainability goals.


Also new in the Prime portfolio is a laser and vision scanner aimed at quality control efforts that works well on the incoming loading dock, as well as verifying compliance with specifications of final product after packout. Able to scan and record dimensions, color, weight, as well as scan for product deformities, the QCC Quality Check Console eliminates data collection and logging errors and speeds up QC processes – and can even be integrated into existing QC systems.


Prime is also a leader in turkey production, designing, manufacturing and delivering complete lines for turkey processing. Its all-new OSC-1 Overhead Cut-up Line for Turkey completely automates several processes, including, turkey halving, turkey leg removal and splitting drum from thigh, all without requiring labor. Further, the turkey front half can be completely de-boned on the ILBD-3T Turkey Inline Breast Deboner with minimal labor, for a complete solution.

For more information about JBT-Prime Equipment group solutions, visit the company’s website, or call directly at 614-253-8590.

JBT aims to take stress out of freezer maintenance process

JBT_Northfield_ready meals

Turnover rates within maintenance teams can be a challenge for food processors across industries, particularly when it comes to keeping valuable equipment and systems in good working condition. One area where this is particularly important is in the management of freezers, with obvious hygiene implications, and potential downtime if proper maintenance is not carried out.

JBT’s Northfield freezers have over 40 years of development, engineering and field proven expertise, which have led to today’s trusted Northfield brand of structure supported spiral freezers. However, with maintenance challenges in mind, Northfield has increasingly focused on solutions that both simplify the ongoing care of units and improve overall hygiene.

“A key R&D focus for JBT is ease of maintenance and hygienic improvements for our Northfield freezer particularly with the high percentage of turnover of maintenance teams within the food processing industry,” explains Sara Porosky, JBT’s Division Product Manager for Freezers. “This can be very frustrating for processors as properly and regularly maintained equipment and maximized uptime are critical to a successful operation. 


With more than 1,000 freezers installed across North America, JBT’s Northfield brand is one of the most trusted brands in the freezing industry, and JBT continues it’s focus on innovation to meet the challenges and needs of today’s food processors. “We have completely redesigned the interior of the Northfield structure supported freezer and incorporated new hygienic features,” says Porosky.

“Leading the upgraded hygienic design is a more open-profile structure where we have reduced the amount of hollow membranes in the freezer to resolve potential water entrapment. We also have a direct drive, and a friction drive option for processors requiring greater drive system flexibility.”

Easier to both clean and inspect, the upgraded Northfield freezer also features a fully welded drum bar, to reduce overlapped surfaces, substantially decreasing areas where microbes can multiply. Other hygienic features include a capless track system to enable ease of cleaning and inspection, and a bullet-style leg to reduce the amount of exposed threads, which again significantly reduces opportunities for micro-organisms to grow. 

“With maximized uptime and enhanced hygiene in mind, we’ve modernized and expanded the good design of the Northfield freezer to suit the ever-changing and challenging requirements of today’s processors” Porosky adds.

Learn more about JBT Northfield solutions

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