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Solutions for the quick and consistent portioning of pizza, pies and other frozen and partially frozen bakery products are one of the key product innovations being featured by JBT at this year’s International Baking Industry Exposition (IBIE), which is taking place until September 11 at the Las Vegas Convention Center. Covering a full range of equipment and machinery – from freezing and chilling to X-rays and ovens – the JBT presence is focused on solutions that can make a real difference to customers in the baking industry.

Featured in the IBIE Innovation Showcase, the DSI 800 S Portioning System is the industry’s highest throughput and most compact waterjet portioning system, which delivers unprecedented functionality and versatility in a compact, cost effective and easy-to-use package. Available with two, four, or six moving cutters as well as optional stationary cutters and JBT’s patented jet blockers, the system uses DSI Q-LINKPortioning Software to provide a broad and every-expanding library of portioning, trimming, and sorting options.

Capable of detecting a broad a range of foreign matter, XVision Xray Detection Systems ignore foils such as those found in pie plates, while providing 100% product inspection; vitally important when it comes to completing Hazard Analysis and Risk-Based Preventative Controls (HARPC) plans and staying compliant with FSMA.

Also featured at the JBT booth is the READYGo Melt, a Block Melt System from JBT’s A&B Process Systems for melting butter, lard, chocolates and waxes, and retaining them in a liquid state, as well as Frigoscandia Freezing, Chilling and Proofing Systems, and the Double D Continuous Baking Oven.

JBT will be exhibiting in Booth 5210, IBIE 2019 until September 11 at the Las Vegas Convention Center

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