Minced beef meat

The potential for High Pressure Processing (HPP) to increase both food safety and shelf-life in the processing of ground meat with be highlighted by JBT as part of an extensive presence at this year’s Pack Expo. The event, which takes place from September 23-25 at the Las Vegas Convention Center, will also mark the first official time recent acquisition Prime Equipment has participated as part of the JBT booth.

HPP for the protein industry will be one of the key areas covered by JBT, according to Lisa Wessels, JBT Marketing Director for HPP, who says that JBT Avure’s Dr Errol Raghubeer will be presenting on Pack Expo’s Innovation Stage, talking about new trends in the HPP industry, particularly around ground meat.

Errol Raghubeer

JBT Avure’s Dr Errol Raghubeer will be presenting at Pack Expo’s Innovation Forum

“Avure has purchased new, proprietary technology to help with the HPP process with ground meat so it both retains its colour and becomes completely safe to eat,” explains Wessels. “The high pressure inactivates harmful and potentially deadly pathogens like E. coli, listeria and salmonella, even if you cook the meat rare.”

How HPP works_Avure

As well as HPP, JBT will be showcasing its full range of solutions for food processors at the event, including innovations from A&B Process Systems, Prime Equipment and XVision x-ray technology.

“Pack Expo is extremely important to JBT,” adds Wessels. “There are so many key industry customers and professionals that go to Pack Expo. It’s really a great place to meet customers and prospects alike.”

JBT will be exhibiting at Pack Expo Las Vegas at Booth LS-6190 in the Las Vegas Convention Center’s Lower South Hall from September 23-25.

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