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JBT showcases solutions for the future


At the IFFA 2019 international trade fair in Frankfurt, Germany, the JBT team (pictured above) introduced smart and innovative solutions covering the food processing chain and adding value through yield, flexibility, automation, high-hygiene, food safety, clean label and consistent end-product quality. 

Together with customers, JBT is reshaping the food processing landscape of tomorrow by designing innovative solutions setting the standard for the food industries growing expectations, needs and demands.

Among the solutions highlighted at the show was the world-renowned range of Frigoscandia® freezing systems, which continue to be a flagship brand for JBT, with the latest model the GYRoCOMPACT® 40 Spiral Freezer showcased during the fair. The Spiral Freezer is a more compact version with even more hygiene benefits and new freezing technology with the highest capacity of any comparable system.

Volume and accuracy
At IFFA 2019, JBT also had the pleasure of demonstrating the capabilities of the DSI® 800 Series Waterjet Portioning System. An automated solution for portioning and trimming, the DSI Portioner has proven to consistently improve product yield and increase productivity. Built for high volume portions, the portioner functions as a precision machine for high accuracy intense cuts. 


JBT_iffa3Processing Power
During the show, JBT’s TIPPER TIE invited visitors to experience live demonstrations of their impressive clipping and packaging solutions. One of the highlights was the worldwide debut of the new SVU6800 high speed automatic double clipper designed for large products such as pumpable ham, large slicing logs and whole muscle loins. It delivers consistent length every time thanks to the strong voider even with sensitive casings. 

JBT’s meat marination specialist Schröder showcased the full scope of cutting-edge equipment for meat marination and preparation, focused around hygienic design, easier handling and less operational amounts of brine. 

On Trend
Meanwhile JBT Avure demonstrated their compelling High Pressure Processing (HPP) technology. With more than 60 years of experience and expertise in HPP science and manufacturing, Avure specializes in HPP systems for food and beverage processing with the fastest and most reliable systems in the industry. Avure helps producers implement HPP from recipe development and process validations to installation, regulatory affairs, and post-installation support.


Other products exhibited from JBT’s portfolio included the Formcook® 618 Contact Cooker for efficient sealing and searing of products and the XVision™ CCPX Pack, an industry leading technology of X-ray Inspection Systems for contaminant detection in ready meals, and heat and eat products that is making its European debut.

JBT offers customized solutions to food processors at every stage of the production process, including portioning, injection, marination, coating, frying, cooking, freezing, chilling & proofing, inspection, clipping & packaging and high pressure processing ensuring the final product is delivered as requested.

JBT acquires poultry solutions provider Prime Equipment Group

JBT Corporation announced it has purchased Prime Equipment Group Inc., for $65 million. Prime Equipment is a manufacturer of turnkey primary and water re-use solutions to the poultry industry, headquartered in Columbus, Ohio.

“The acquisition of Prime advances our goal of becoming the preferred provider of full-line solutions for poultry customers with the addition of Prime’s primary processing capabilities,” said JBT Chairman, President, and Chief Executive Officer Tom Giacomini.

“Prime’s latest technologies address pressing needs in the poultry industry in the areas of automation and water re-use which will further strengthen our customer relationships,” said JBT Executive Vice President and President, Protein Paul Sternlieb. “Prime’s revenue is primarily concentrated in the U.S., and we look forward to leveraging JBT’s global reach to accelerate the deployment of the automation and water technology for growth outside the U.S.”

JBT has also announced completion of the previously announced acquisition of Proseal UK, a provider of tray sealing technology for the food industry, for about $280 million.

Learn more about Prime Equipment


JBT seals deal to acquire Proseal, an innovator in food tray technology


JBT has announced completion of the acquisition of Proseal UK, an innovator in environmentally-friendly packaging systems with a manufacturing presence in Europe, the US and Australia. The purchase price for Proseal was £220 million, before customary post-closing adjustments.

Proseal is the leading manufacturer of tray sealing equipment for a range of protein food products including categories such as Red Meat, Pork, Poultry, Fish, Seafood, Ready Meals and produce categories such as Soft Fruit, Fresh Produce, Prepared Produce, Sandwiches, and Snack Foods. Proseal has been at the forefront of developing systems that improve product shelf life whilst minimizing the use of plastic at the same time.

With machines capable of handling 240 packs a minute, the Adlington, UK-based company has experienced strong growth in export markets through the design, manufacture, assembly and servicing of high-quality tray sealing systems and turnkey production line solutions. Used predominantly for food packaging applications, Proseal is continuing to drive growth by developing systems that deliver important sustainability benefits through food preservation techniques and reduced energy consumption.


Carlos Fernandez, JBT’s Executive Vice President and President, Liquid Foods, said: “The Proseal acquisition provides JBT with a significant platform in the packaging space adding complementary solutions and value adding technologies to many existing customers across JBT’s Liquid Foods and Protein business segments. 

“Tray sealing contributes to JBT’s efforts to provide greater sustainability as well as extending the shelf-life of foods, providing more labeling space on the package and enhancing product appearance. In particular, Proseal’s tray sealing technology pairs extremely well with current initiatives in the fresh-cut produce and case ready protein markets.”

As well as its UK site, Proseal operates manufacturing facilities through its Proseal America subsidiary in Richmond, Virginia, and a further site in Melbourne, Australia operated by Proseal Australia.

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JBT’s ADVANTEC system makes thin slicing simple


Being able to achieve thin slicing of meats without a resulting loss in yield is a key requirement for many processors serving the ready-to-eat market, but until recently this was not always simple to achieve. However the recent introduction of Surface Stabilizing technology as part of JBT’s ADVANTEC™ series of impingement freezers has gone a long way to making thin slicing a relatively straightforward – and speedy – process.

JBT has also launched the Super-Chilling application for the ADVANTEC range; an innovation that enables warm products to be cooled quickly without jeopardising product quality. 

According to Stefan Paulsson, JBT’s Director of Value Stream & Global Product Line for Cooking & Linear Freezers, both applications have been introduced to meet the needs of processors seeking practical, effective solutions for ready-to-eat products.

Surface Stabilizing can be used with products such as deli meat where you are looking to cut it into very thin slices,” explains Paulsson. “This can be quite hard, but if you freeze the surface around it, then you can cut it very thin without suffering any yield loss and you will get a much nicer slice surface as well.”

Likewise, Pausson says Super Chilling can be employed by processors who want to quickly cool warm products without freezing them. “Super Chilling freezes the surface of the product, before the temperature is evened out as a whole, resulting in a chilled product that has quickly been taken from warm to cold,” he says.


Quick freezing
The story of the ADVANTEC Impingement Freezer range can be traced back to the Frigoscandia Flat Product Freezer (FPF), a system which was created in the 1990s to offer a more cost-effective solution than cryogenic freezing for meat patties. 

Launched in the year 2000, the Frigoscandia ADVANTEC Impingement Freezer was introduced with the aim of being more suitable for a broader market and a greater range of applications and products.

“Impingement freezers are good for quick freezing of thin products,” says Paulsson. “ADVANTEC uses impingement sheets, which are sheets of metal with multiple holes. Through this, a jetstream of air hits the products at high speed, so it cools and freezes really quickly. This compares to many competitors who use air-knives instead, where you only freeze the product when it’s actually underneath the air-knife. Using the ADVANTEC impingement system, products are continually exposed to cooling air.”

As well as being faster and more effective than an air-knife freezer, Paulsson adds that ADVANTEC’s metal sheets are also more hygienic and easier to clean a sheet than a series of air-knives.


The JBT Frigoscandia ADVANTEC Impingement Freezer

Flexible solution
Now sold worldwide, ADVANTEC is available in two different belt widths – 1250mm and 1800mm – and one to four separate modules, meaning customers can have ADVANTEC in the length and width required for their needs.

JBT also markets the ADVANTEC Compact Chiller, a smaller unit, which is particularly suited to surface stabilization where companies are looking to freeze product surfaces to achieve thin slices.

Learn more about JBT ADVANTEC freezers

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