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FLoFREEZE: the classic solution that keeps innovating

JBT’s Frigoscandia FLoFREEZE IQF freezer is a pioneering technology in the field of individual freezing for vegetables, fruits, fish and other products, which remains at the forefront of the industry, thanks to its versatility and ability to deliver true fluidization. 
Stefan Paulsson, JBT’s Director of Value Stream & Global Product Line for Cooking & Linear Freezers, explains how the system came to be and why it remains as relevant as ever.

The inception of FLoFREEZE can be traced back to beginnings of Frigoscandia itself, the Helsingborg, Sweden-based company – now part of JBT – which worked closely with a long-established frozen food brand, also located in southern Sweden. 

Frigoscandia developed the first machine that later became FLoFREEZE together with the food brand because in the 1950s and 60s, when you took a packet of frozen vegetables out of the fridge, what you got was a frozen brick. You couldn’t take out a specific amount, you had take out everything and put it in boiling water. So they wanted to be able to freeze the products individually, and that’s how the Individual Quick Freezer (IQF) for frozen products was developed. 


This was achieved by making sure the products move all the time when you freeze them, so they don’t stick to each other. At the end of the process, you have a product which is individually frozen and then you put it in a box and send it to your customer, and they can just pour out how much they want. The FLoFREEZE is based upon the fluidization principle in which the products behave like a liquid and basically float through the freezer. This is what creates a perfect separation of the products and a high freezing efficiency.

How FLoFREEZE works
In this range, we have two different product types – the FLoFREEZE A and FLoFREEZE M. The FLoFREEZE A focuses on smaller amounts of fruits and vegetables, from one ton an hour up to six. The FLoFREEZE M handles bigger amounts, all the way up to 18 tons per hour (When we talk tons here, we always talks about peas – how many tons of peas you can do and then it’s translated to the relevant product).


But having a good understanding of how FLoFREEZE works, will deliver a perfect result. The FLoFREEZE delivers true fluidization, and that’s the key to achieving optimum product quality.

We do this in two ways: pulsation of the product, so the airflow is coming through the belt into the product zone on and off, moving the product up and down; and then by agitation back and forth on the belt to get the horizontal separation of the product – that’s how we get true fluidization. 

The target here is we freeze the products in their natural condition. We don’t want to destroy a strawberry. It’s very important it comes out looking like we put it in, so you get the highest product quality.

One of the good things about FLoFREEZE is it’s very good across a diversity of products. It can handle a wide range of products – any vegetables from carrots and potatoes to onions and garlic, soft fruits, sardines and even mozzarella cheese. 


The JBT Frigoscandia FLoFREEZE

Extra features
The FLoFREEZE has been continuously improved and updated, and one such example is a Refreezing Belt that has been added for glazing. Typically applied to broccoli, where glazing is used to protect the product, water is added following freezing and then refrozen to add the glazing effect.

With a product that is wet when it comes into a freezer, you will have a lot of ice build-up in your machine, so after eight or 10 hours, you really need to start defrosting it. But with the FLoFREEZE, we have an ADF (Air Defrost) that blows ice out of the coil, so you can extend your production time. In 2018, for the FLoFREEZE M, we also introduced a Sequential Defrost (SD) feature, which provides an extra evaporator so when one evaporator is blocked with ice, you can engage the other one, enabling you to defrost the evaporator that is blocked, and in the process extending the production time.

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JBT va présenter ses solutions au CFIA 2019

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Les possibilités offertes par JBT en matière de friture, de cuisson et de congélation couvrant une large gamme de solutions pour les entreprises de transformation alimentaire seront présentées lors de la prochaine édition 2019 du CFIA, le salon annuel des technologies alimentaires qui se tiendra à Rennes, en France, du 12 au 14 mars prochain.

S’adressant principalement aux entreprises de France et de Belgique francophone, le CFIA 2019 offrira à JBT l’occasion de mettre en valeur ses solutions complètes pour les boulangers et les transformateurs, du Frigoscandia GyroCompact aux friteuses Stein, en passant par les fours DoubleD et les fours de cuisson par contact Formcook. Les représentants sur le stand de JBT mettront également l’accent sur le four à spirale Stein TwinDrum 600 récemment lancé, qui a reçu un accueil très positif en France, selon Torbjörn Persson, directeur de la chaîne de valeur et de la gamme de produits mondiale de JBT, congélateurs à spirale.

« Nous avons connu un certain succès en France ces derniers temps, en particulier en matière de fours, avec le nouveau four TwinDrum », explique M. Persson. « Il donne d’excellents résultats en matière de cuisson uniforme, en produisant des produits de couleur uniforme. »

Le CFIA attire les entreprises de toute la France et des pays voisins, et met en avant des solutions pour les producteurs de produits alimentaires français dans un cadre compact. « Le CFIA est un marché important pour rencontrer nos clients en France et pour montrer les possibilités que JBT offre », ajoute M. Persson.

JBT sera présent au salon CFIA 2019 dans le hall 7, stand B5, au Parc Expo Rennes Airport, France du 12 au 14 mars.

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JBT to showcase capabilities at CFIA 2019

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JBT’s frying, cooking and freezing capabilities covering a wide range solutions for food processing companies will be showcased at the upcoming 2019 edition of CFIA, the annual food technology show which takes place in Rennes, France, this year from March 12-14.

Primarily catering to companies in France and French-speaking Belgium, CFIA 2019 will provide JBT with an opportunity to highlight its complete solutions for bakers and processors, from the Frigoscandia GyroCompact to Stein fryers, DoubleD ovens and Formcook contact cookers. Representatives at the JBT stand will also place special focus on the recently-introduced Stein TwinDrum 600 Spiral Oven, which has received a very positive response in France, according to Torbjörn Persson, JBT’s Director of Value Stream & Global Product Line, Spiral Freezers.


The JBT Stein TwinDrum oven

“We’ve some recent success in France, especially on the oven side with the new TwinDrum oven,” says Persson. “It’s very good at even cooking, producing uniform coloured products.”

Attracting companies large and small from across France and neighbouring countries, CFIA highlights solutions for French food producers in a compact setting. “CFIA is an important marketplace for meeting with our customers in France and showing the capabilities of what JBT has to offer,” Persson adds.

JBT will be exhibiting at CFIA 2019 in Hall 7, Stand B5 at the Parc Expo Rennes Airport, France from March 12-14.

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