JBT will be bringing one its largest ever presences to this year’s International Production & Processing Expo (IPPE), with two large scale booths and a range of solutions developed for the needs of companies in the poultry and meat industries. Featuring two adjacent 5,000 sq ft booths, JBT’s participation in the 2019 edition of the show, which takes place from February 12-14 in the Georgia World Congress Center, Atlanta, Georgia, will also be notable for several exciting new product introductions for cooking, chilling and portioning.

An important event not just in the US, but globally, JBT’s Marketing Communications Manager Toni Fant says IPPE functions not just as a gathering place for the industry, but also an important forum for setting the agenda for the year ahead.

“The IPPE is important because it’s a key protein show globally which highlights the world’s largest annual display of equipment and technology used in protein processing,” she says. “IPPE gives us an opportunity to interface with the marketplace, roll-out new product launches and set the tone for the year. It also provides another touchpoint to interact with existing customers, as well as many other industry decision makers and influencers, while also serving as a type of “barometer” of the economy and the industry.”


Product innovations
For JBT in particular, Fant says the company will highlight an expanded portfolio for the raw and further processing segments, including portioning, weighing, marination, chilling, freezing, coating, frying, cooking, xray inspection, clipping and packaging, and high pressure processing equipment.

JBT will particularly focus on its innovative new product introductions. Chief among these will be the official launch of the Stein® TwinDrum™ 1000 Spiral Oven, which follows the successful introduction of the Stein TwinDrum 600 Spiral Oven in Europe and Asia. Designed for the greater production volumes in North America, the Stein TwinDrum 1000 Oven offers efficient two-zone spiral cooking with uniform temperature and excellent roasting capabilities.

The DSI™ 800 S Waterjet Portioner with Robotic Harvesting will also be a featured product at the show. The DSI 800 S Portioning Systems provide the industry’s highest throughput and most compact waterjet portioning system, The system reduces labor and increases yield via automated portioning and trimming.

During the event, JBT will host a presentation in the TechTalks Showcase on iOPS (Intelligent Operations) delivered by Matthew Jin, JBT’s IoT (Internet of Things) Program Manager.

“Once a device is connected, we can collect data  and convert it into actionable insights,” explains Jin. “Through decades of industry know-how and expertise,  we can analyze and detect issues before it becomes a bigger problem.   With real-time notification and smart reporting, iOPS empowers our customers to drive success.  In the end, everyone’s a winner when we let data do the talking.”

JBT will exhibit at IPPE 2019 at Booths 5035 and 5235, Hall B at the Georgia World Congress Center, Atlanta, Georgia from February 12-14.

Matthew Jin’s Tech Talk, ‘Smart IoT Made Simpler’, will take place at 3.10 PM on February 13 at Booth B8725.