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Cooking up a success: a look at Formcook, Double D & Stein

In this first in a series of articles where the JBT Protein Blog reviews the highlights for 2018 for JBT brands and looks ahead to 2019, we speak to JBT’s Stefan Paulsson about Formcook, Double D and Stein.

The ability to offer global customers cooking and frying solutions that can deal effectively with a wide range of products – whether they be chicken, poultry or vegetables – has been one of the key foundations of the appeal of JBT brands Formcook, Double D and Stein, with a customer base stretching across Europe, the Middle East, Asia and North America. But until recently, customers handling huge volumes of products had to look elsewhere.

JBT_Double D Chargrill_salmon

All this changed in 2016 with the introduction of the Stein TwinDrum Oven, a high volume cooking solution, which according to JBT’s Sweden-based Director of Value Stream and Global Product Line, Stefan Paulsson, has continued to delivered impressive results year-on-year.

In fact, Paulsson ranks the continued success of the TwinDrum as one of JBT’s biggest achievements for 2018 when it comes to cooking and frying solutions. “We outgrew our market share in 2018 with the TwinDrum,” he says. “We are now able to assist customers that need an oven that can handle a much greater volume of products. Customers also like the fact we can have the product in and out at the same height, which is the benefit of a TwinDrum.”

Competitive difference
Not to be left behind, 2018 has also been an important year for the Double D and Formcook brands. For Double D, the Chargrill & Bar Marker remains a strong performer, delivering a home grilled-style touch to steaks and poultry. “if you put your steak on a grill at home, you get bar marks on the product, which is what the Chargrill & Bar Marker does. It also adds a flavor touch to it,” explains Paulsson.

Flavor has also been a key element in the success of the Formcook range in 2018, with the line finding particular favor with the bacon industry. Perfect for bacon frying, the Formcook Contact Cooker uses teflon belts above and below the product, very much says Paulsson, like frying slices of bacon at home. The Contact Cooker is complemented by the Combi Cooker – part contact cooker-part oven for companies needing control of temperature and steam – and the Double D Forced-Convection Oven, which consists of a belt going through a controlled environment. 


2019 preview
For the 12 months ahead, Paulsson says JBT plans to have more alternatives available for customers by combining equipment from Formcook and Double D, along with the Stein TwinDrum Oven and M-Fryer, which he says will be able to offer customers an even better product solution.

JBT Stein, Double D and Formcook will be exhibiting at leading meat industry event IFFA 2019 in Frankfurt, Germany from May 4-9, 2019, alongside fellow JBT brand Frigoscandia.

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Taking guess work out of the weighing process


Weighing protein products – and prepared foods – as they go through the production process to avoid needless giveaway and product damage can be a complicated task, especially if inadequate equipment means operators are employing guesswork more often than not.  JBT’s Cooling and Applied Technologies (C.A.T.) brand has spent decades building a reputation as a solutions provider that takes the guesswork out of the equation, ensuring if too much product is being given away, it can be quickly corrected. 

According to Paul Combs, JBT C.A.T’s Weighing Division Product Manager, the key advantages the brand offers are reliability and increased throughput based on a solid reputation for quality, and expertise in research and engineering. “The JBT C.A.T. weighing systems provide process and flow solutions to maintain the highest quality protein products, with accurate weights and minimal guesswork.” he says.

JBT CAT 20x20 Bench Scale

The JBT CAT 20×20 Bench Scale

Eliminating giveaway
JBT C.A.T.’s product line has a wide range, starting with QA scales for yield management, trimming and QA checks, to floor scales for weighing combo’s, pallets and multiple boxes. Baggers and bulkers can handle everything from 5 lb bags to 40 lb tubs or boxes, frequently used for marinated chicken wings, drumsticks, tenders and breasts, as well as frozen products.  Bi-directional scales can be used for filling large combo’s, with minimal supervision. 

C.A.T. also offers indexing scales to help regulate throughput on a conveyor line.  In-motion and static check weighers help eliminate giveaway by monitoring whether operators are filling too much into bags or boxes, and are capable of checking 12-14 boxes or bags per minute (static) or 35-45 boxes per minute (in-motion).  Both come with reject options.

JBT CAT Dual Bagger

The JBT CAT Dual Bagger

Similarly, the CAT Tabletop Bagger is a weighing hopper scale that weighs to target as operators push product into the hopper, before dropping it into bags or boxes once it makes weight. This process can also be repeated for cryo-vac or thermoforming packaging, with product filling the pockets once it hits the correct weight and then indexing the thermoforming system.

The advantage of this approach, says Combs, “Is that removes the risk of operators filling product by hand and trying to guess whether the right amount is being bagged. “We have confidence,” he says, “the exact weight the customer expects is filled into their packing method with as little hands on work as possible.”

No second-guessing
Combs singles out reliability, accuracy and simplified throughput as being at the core of JBT C.A.T.’s products, explaining these factors help with less monitoring and supervision while in production. “We build very reliable products,” he says. “The quality’s there, and the research and engineering has been done in the proper manner.  We make a strong and conscious effort to meet our customer needs not just for the short term, but for their long term success.”

As a result, Combs continues, “When we meet with customers on how to improve their process, we keep their profitability and efficiency at the top of the list.  We then mold our knowledge and experience to their application, with a solution that operates to their expectations with as little guesswork and hassle as possible.  This is key and it’s what we really pride ourselves on.”

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JBT processing solutions to take center stage at Bangkok seminar

Thailand seafood factory - shutterstock

JBT will highlight a wide range of processing solutions for poultry, pork and seafood processors in South East Asia at an extensive one-day seminar to be held on November 15 in Bangkok, Thailand. The JBT Processing Solutions Day, which will be staged at Bangkok’s JW Marriott Hotel, will provide an overview of how to simplify processing, and improve yield, productivity and efficiency with the support of new JBT systems and innovative technologies.

The focus of the event is on protein processing and preparation, covering areas such as freezing, coating, cooking, curing and injection, according to Mr Sorayut Ujjaphuree, JBT Regional Sales Manager for Thailand, Myanmar, Cambodia and Laos.

JBT Avure

HPP systems from JBT Avure will be among the featured technologies.

It will include a look at JBT’s Kunshan Research & Technology Center for Asia customers, an update on freezer technology including the Frigoscandia Freezer, and an examination of JBT portioning technology, including the DSI Waterjet Portioning system. The Processing Solutions Day will also cover JBT Avure High Pressure Processing (HPP) Systems and an introduction to the benefits of the JBT PRoCARE™ program.

Sorayut said: “As well as providing an update on JBT technologies, the Processing Solutions Day will be highlighting the benefits customers can receive from partnering with JBT such as better yield, improved productivity and labor savings through improved efficiencies.”

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