Breading for poultry, fish and vegetable snacks is big business, but for companies to make an impact on the market, consistency in the quality of the breading is required just as much as the meat, fish or vegetable contained within. JBT’s range of coating and frying solutions focus on repeatability and reliability, as well as a level of efficiency that in many cases outstrips by up to 40% that offered by rival systems.

This reliability means that the same batter consistency can be applied to products time and time again, while the flexibility of the JBT range allows for adjustments to be made depending on product type or recipe requirements, according to Bob Stacy, JBT’s Divisional Product Manager for Coating and Frying.

Out of the current range, Stacy singles out three products in particular as being standouts: the Stein ProMix Automatic Batter Mixer; the Stein Heritage Breader; and the Stein TFF-IV THERMoFIN Fryer. With all three solutions, he says, the focus is on repeatability and reliability.

The Stein Heritage™ Breader from JBT.

A fully automatic mixer, the ProMix offers consistency in batter cooling and viscosity control, while the heavy duty Heritage Breader is easy to clean, energy efficient, and features a unique vertical style breading hopper design for an extremely small footprint.

The TFF-IV THERMoFIN Fryer, the division’s principal product, which boasts high levels of efficiency, offers a new option for PLC control and repeatability for recipes and temperature-time. “The PFF4 is a high thermal efficiency cool-heat fryer which, if you compare it to similar solutions, is between 30-40% more efficient than a gas or electrical fryer,” says Stacy.

JBT’s frying and coating range is typically used by customers in the poultry and processed food industries, in the latter case for frying and coating a wide variety of vegetable-based appetisers, including onion rings, cheese sticks, mushrooms, cauliflower and veggie patties.

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