Of all the success stories in the JBT product line, the VacCAT Product Metering System is one of the most proven and effective. Produced by Russellville, Arkansas-based JBT CAT, the VacCAT is notable for being one of the most reliable and consistent protein feed and metering systems on the market; an assertion that is more than a mere boast.

The VacCAT can be attached to virtually any system and line, ranging from injectors and freezers to fryers and breading systems, and is designed to maximize the pounds per hour throughput with consistency and efficiency.

“The VacCAT ensures uniform feeding and metering of some of the most challenging food products, whether it’s raw poultry, meat, heavily-glazed and sticky chicken wings to highly-marinated tenders,” says JBT CAT Weighing Division Product Manager Paul Combs.

Key features
One of VacCAT’s key features is metering by weight, which Combs says has proven to be more efficient and effective compared to other systems using time functions or other methods to control product distribution.


The JBT VacCAT can be attached to virtually any system and line

Another major benefit, he continues, is the VacCAT’s ability to minimize product damage through gentle product handling. Although still pumped at high capacity, the system uses lower pump speeds compared to other vacuum methods to preserve optimum product quality.

The vacuum pumps are also sized according to customer need and can be integrated with any upstream marination device, reducing the line set-up time and increasing uptime. 

Selected production capacity is also adjusted automatically to reflect the production reality through JBT’s patented weighing system and self adjusting software, while the batch dump rate is calculated and adhered to throughout the production run, transforming an alternating batch process into a continuous product flow. 

The VacCAT and other CAT systems are backed by expert training and system support, while optional ProCARE agreements additionally offer real-time analysis, reporting and preventative maintenance. 

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