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JBT brings sustainable focus to Gulfood Manufacturing 2021

Awareness of sustainable issues is growing across the globe, but can manufacturers improve their records while making savings and becoming more competitive? This is the key question JBT will be looking to answer at Gulfood Manufacturing 2021, the trade exhibition that takes place from November 7-9 in Dubai, UAE.

Taking part on a ONE JBT booth, with representatives from both Diversified Food & Health and Protein Processingpresent, JBT will be highlighting our ability to partner with customers to deliver sustainable value creation throughout the whole production cycle. From project/line specification and definition through design, implementation and installation, transfer of ownership to maintenance, JBT has all the tools to help customers, including PRoCARE Service Agreements, joined connectivity systems, remote PRoSIGHT support, training, and technology centers.

But more than this, JBT will also showcase Avure High Pressure Processing (HPP) clean-technology systems capable of boosting shelf-life for a range of products, including high-quality snacking dishes, such as hummus, which enjoy great popularity across the Middle East.

Sustainable savings
“Customers are increasingly asking for sustainable solutions because food regulations are becoming more stringent on a whole range of issues from CO2 to waste water and energy consumption, and there’s an awareness these need to be reduced,” explains JBT’s Ben Verbeeck.

“The message we will be bringing to Gulfood Manufacturing is that we can look at a company’s production lines and determine where sustainable improvements and savings can be made, such as through lowering energy consumption.

“We also offer operational and cleaning training on how to maintain machines in an optimum condition, which leads to less wear and tear. We view sustainability as a partnership with the customer, through training and maintenance, where together we look at how we can make improvements.”

Proseal tray sealing systems will be on display at Gulfood Manufacturing 2021

Featured technologies
As well as HPP, the JBT booth will also feature live demonstrations of JBT Proseal’s GTR tray sealing machine, ideal for both smaller scale food enterprises and new product development. The fully-portable semi-automatic Proseal GTR now incorporates a new user-friendly HMI screen for even easier machine set up and operation.

Other recent JBT innovations set to be featured include the Frigoscandia GYRoCOMPACT® 70 Spiral Freezer, the DSI® 844 Waterjet Portioning System, the AsepFlex™ Linear Pouch Filler, and the High speed UniFiller-Seamer. As well as meeting regular visitors, JBT has been selected for the Gulfood Manufacturing Innovation Tour, with twice-daily tours receiving an in-depth presentation of JBT´s trending innovations and showcased solutions. 

JBT will be exhibiting at Gulfood Manufacturing 2021 in Dubai, UAE, from November 7-9. 

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JBT detergents: the right formula for effective cleaning

All customers have different needs and requirements when it comes to equipment and machinery, and the same is true when it comes to cleaning. To get the most out of JBT equipment, it is important that customers are using the right cleaning agents, which can also help guard against unnecessary wear and corrosion.

Joël Thomas, JBT’s West Region (Europe) Technical Solution Manager, explains why getting cleaning right is vital not just for meeting food safety standards, but also for keeping machinery in optimum working order.

Whether it be ready meals or bakery or dairy, or any manner of other food products, it is true to say that our customers produce very different products and for the same reason their machinery cleaning requirements are often just as varied. 

Of course, depending on who you talk to – from maintenance managers to the quality department to the plant manager himself – people have different perspectives on what are the correct products and methods for cleaning. For many, the top priority is avoiding or reducing wear on a machine. In some cases, you can find corrosion in some machines because some customers are not using the right cleaning detergents, for example chlorine is totally forbidden in our equipment because some parts have aluminium.

Then of course you have quality control people who are looking for a clean, shiny machine. We carry out training for customers to show them how they can improve and what our detergents can do for them. 

Avoiding unnecessary wear
Formula Clean® 110 and 210 are alkaline-based, foaming detergents specifically developed to fit JBT product lines and avoid unnecessary wear of components and equipment. Each product within the Formula Clean range has its purpose and special qualities and comes in different containers to customer needs. 

Often when I visit factories, machines have already been cleaned by contractors or employees, but even then if you apply the Formula Clean detergent you can really see the difference with the quality of the foam and the shine it delivers. In some cases, customers have gone on to re-clean their machines after seeing the results. If it’s combined with a PRoCARE preventative maintenance contract, we will carry out training so all employees learn how to effectively clean a machine using Formula Clean.

In those cases where companies have difficulties with listeria, it is often found that the culprit lies with inadequate cleaning procedures. We can help with the right product and the right process for cleaning the machine. Sometimes you can find machines that are 10-15 years old and perhaps over the years personnel and cleaning procedures have changed, but we can also help to put in place all the right procedures for optimum cleaning and to get the equipment back to its original conditions. This also helps improve both product safety and overall production.

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Planterra: how JBT is supporting a major player in plant-based foods


Planterra Foods is a plant-based protein company with grand ambitions and a key differentiator within the industry: its focus is on creating the best tasting, crave-worthy and quality products in the fast-growing, plant-based market. Planterra believes in promoting a flexitarian lifestyle and the incredible power of food that people everywhere can feel good about eating and sharing with their families, covering everything from burgers to taco fillings.

JBT has provided technologies and support to Planterra covering the company’s recent growth and developments, and is working closely to support exciting product launches for the months ahead.

Driven by changing consumer perceptions around meat substitutes and healthy eating concerns, the global plant-based meat substitute market – valued at an estimated US1.9 billion in 2021 – is forecast to be worth US$4 billion by 2027, according to Market and Markets Research. Lafayette, CO-headquartered Planterra and its OZO™ brand have emerged as a leading light in the category with their innovative, delicious, meat-substitute range of products.


Realizing possibilities
Olugbenga “Olu” Diyaolu, Planterra’s Head of research & innovation, may have only joined Planterra in July 2020 after 20 years in the dairy and beverage industry, but he has been a key driver in pushing the company forward over the last 12 months. “My role when I joined Planterra was identifying ingredient and processing technology for three-five years down the pipeline, looking at how Planterra can be at the forefront of innovation and building a strategy around it,” Olu explains. “Coming into the meat-alternative world was new for me, but I understand processing and ingredients, so I started to figure out what we should be going into.”

Olu approached Tricia Harlan, a JBT Meat Scientist and Applications Engineer, to discuss how to add grill marks to Planterra burgers and other products, with JBT providing the solution in the form of the Double D Chargrill & Bar Marker


Where it all started: the JBT Double D Chargrill & Bar Marker

“The initial conversation was around how we can add grill marks, but then we started to talk about what we were trying to achieve, and how I wanted the product to look like a typical plate where you have chicken breast, broccoli, and so on,” recalls Olu. “We wanted to take the chicken breast and replace it with plant-based protein that has the same profile, juiciness and texture as that product.”

“As I showed Planterra the possibilities of what we could get, it went from delivering this project in 2025 to delivering it by 2021: bringing it forward by four years based on the solutions we were being shown by JBT,” he reveals. “We started making different protein blends and brought them to JBT, and have carried out a trial every month since August 2020. From those trials, our sales teams have been able to offer new products to customers.”


Olu describes Planterra’s working relationship with JBT as being solutions-oriented, examining the problem and collaborating to solve that problem. “It felt like an extension of Planterra that was trying to make me successful, rather than ‘I have a shiny new piece of equipment, and it will do everything in the world’,” Olu laughs. “It was all about how we can help you achieve what you need, so you can be successful. The people at JBT and their availability has been beyond anything we could have expected.”

Olu says Planterra’s goal has been to provide the ultimate plant-based solution for consumers without sacrificing taste or quality. “When you go to a store, you have traditionally either been a meat lover or a vegetarian. We wanted to have a third option in the middle – for flexitarian consumers – that although non-meat, tastes as good as meat and matches it for nutrition and versatility,” he continues. “We wanted to compete in traditional meat segments such as burgers, taco meat and chicken patties. But then once we had established our baseline products, we started talking about where we wanted to go next.”

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Healthy eating: how JBT is delivering a winning formula in the Middle East

JBT Middle East_healthy eating

Healthy eating has over recent years emerged as a key trend shaping food buying and dining habits across the Middle East region, with consumers and restauranteurs alike seeking new cooking options for chicken, meat, fish and other meals. JBT is ideally poised to benefit from this trend with healthy cooking solutions that enable processors to deliver products that retain all the flavor and juiciness consumers expect.

Set to be highlighted at Gulfood Manufacturing from November 7-9 2021 in Dubai, JBT’s unique healthy cooking line can contain a combination of several different value-adding systems, including the Formcook Contact Cooker for pre-oven product sealing, the airjet-powered Double D Revoband Continuous Protein Oven and the Double D Chargrill & Bar Marker, the solution for adding extra color, flavor and juiciness to chicken and steaks.

“Our unique cooking line offers very good value for customers, increasing yield by between 3-5%, developing color and delivering a uniform, consistent cooking time,” explains JBT’s Regional Director for the Middle East & Africa, Rabie Rawand. “There is increasing demand in the Middle East for roasted, healthy, non-fried products, and we have the right combination to support and meet customer requirements.”

Winning combination
“When you watch any cooking program on TV, you will find that before the chef puts the piece of meat in the oven, they will put it in a fryer with batter to seal the product, so it doesn’t lose its juiciness in the oven,” Rawand continues. “And this is what we are doing for the industry: we pass the meat or chicken through the teflon-coated Contact Cooker to seal the product, so that when it is cooked in the main oven it retains its water and juice.” 

JBT Chargrill Bar Marker_poultry

“These are cooking lines for non-coated, healthy products,” says Rawand. “Catering and quick-service restaurants want to have a good market share and to do that, you have to have a good cooking line.”

In a demanding market for high-quality products, with a fast-growing quick service restaurant industry, JBT’s innovative solutions have been continuing to find favor with companies large and small, largely thanks to the systems’ ability to deliver consistent results, Rawand adds. “Customers and consumers in the Middle East appreciate quality rather than being price conscious, and this has created a very positive opportunity for JBT,” he concludes.

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JBT will be exhibiting at Gulfood Manufacturing 2021 from November 7-9 in the Dubai World Trade Centre in Hall 4, Booth D4 – 52.

Want to clean more effectively? JBT can help maximize freezer hygiene

Efficient cleaning of a freezer is fundamentally important, not just for the obvious hygiene necessities, but also for the effective functioning of equipment. However, too often cleaning agent suppliers will sell customers detergents but leave them in the dark when it comes to their proper usage and dosage. 

The result is customers can end up spending too much time and money on cleaning processes due to insufficient training, the wrong types of chemicals and volumes, or unplanned cleaning interventions. At the very least customers can face unnecessary business and environmental risks at higher costs.

This is where JBT differs. As well as having an extensive range of Clean-In-Place (CIP options) to fit all budgets, JBT provides ongoing support and training for customers to make sure cleaning processes are being carried out effectively and efficiently. Furthermore, JBT cleaning agents avoid the use of chlorine or other unsuitable chemicals, which can have a detrimentally corrosive effect on machine parts over time.

The importance of training 
JBT’s Formula Clean program ensures the highest cleaning standards while preventing unnecessary wear to equipment – plus correct and safe cleaning, explains JBT Business Support Manager, Niklas Landby. “We perform and offer cleaning audits to assure the cleaning process is completed in the best way possible,” he says. “This is extremely important for food safety, and it’s important to not use unnecessarily strong or too much chemicals, which add costs and can damage your investments. Most providers offer cheaper solutions such as chlorine, which is very effective but will destroy equipment over time. We help customers optimize cleaning to make sure everything is functioning correctly.”

Landby says what makes JBT unique as a company is that we do not just supply detergents, but look at the entire operating and cleaning process. “JBT will typically set-up the concentration with the chemicals and train the customer on how the machine should be cleaned,” he continues. 

“Customers reach out to JBT to get support in their cleaning process, personnel training and water temperature guidance. Too high concentrations and the associated negative environmental aspect are also a common problem, but we can help customers reach the right levels.”

Positive effects
JBT’s Formula Clean detergents have been specially developed to work within food production facilities, with a range of products and applications adapted for all types of equipment operating at warm or cold temperatures. Considerations have been given to the extremes of temperatures food machinery is regularly exposed to, explains Landby, with the types of detergents used varying depending on the applications and equipment to be cleaned.

“We are seeing great results for customer plants that have already transitioned over to JBT detergents. Our customers have seen savings from decreased volumes of detergents used due to the need for fewer repeat cleans. The right detergents in the right concentrations also protect customers’ equipment at the same time,” Landby concludes.

As a key element of JBT’s commitment to customers, PRoCARE preventative maintenance agreements are also typically included as part of a package, enabling JBT to calculate a company’s necessary chemical usage in order to clean effectively, he adds.

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